On 'The Hal Lindsey Report' And All Seeing Eye-Of-Horus Backdrop, Gog-Magog Deception - Russia Not In The Bible

Hal Lindsey is as well known a name in Christendom as there is today and needs little in the way of introduction. The purpose of this post does need a bit of an intro though, and is as follows: About Hal Lindsey, who is he really, and where did he come from, and how did he begin, and what does he teach, and is it true, and the very first thing considered here, why why why does he subject viewers of his television program to a continual exposure to an all seeing eye-of-Horus? Need to know things for any who may follow Hal Lindsey's teachings:
And what concord hath Christ with Belial? - 2Cor. 6:15

And what concord hath an all-seeing eye-of-Horus with a supposed Christian bible-prophecy expert?

Watch 'The Hal Lindsey Report'? Guess what...it is watching you too - from beginning to end (note progress bars)
What concord? As seen above, in the case of Hal Lindsey, with regard to his well known and long running weekly television program called "The Hal Lindsey Report", quite a bit of concord actually. And as these images above and below from a recent program reveal, if you are a viewer of the 'Hal Lindsey Report' you have been/are being exposed to this "concord" continually. The fact is that "the eye" is a rather predominant feature of the program. Each of the four images immediately above were clipped from a different point during the 27 min. program. Note the progress bars below each video image. The first image on the upper left is the show's opening, the clip is at :03 seconds. The 'eye' then appears again, as seen upper right, at one-third of the way through the program, clip at 10:02. It then reappears for a third time at the two-thirds mark, seen on the bottom left, clip at 17:47. The eye-image at the 1/3rd and 2/3rd marks are put up on the screen while an appeal is made for "financial support". The 'eye' makes one more appearance at the end of the show to close things out.

Important to note that in each instance these are not fleeting images - the "eye" remains on the screen for a good length of time, colors flashing and swirling around and around, for at least 8-10 seconds. This amounts to quite a bit of screen-time for 'Horus' throughout the course of the show, staring down viewers, the vast majority being of course absolutely oblivious all the while. To see what is being done here as not fully intentional is quite simply not possible. Understanding the known Satanic significance in the use of the symbology of 'the Horus eye', that this is purposely designed to subconsciously transfix the minds of the viewers to the "program" is the only believable possibility. Look deeply into the eye, viewer, do not look away, do not blink...watch the flashing lights, we are your masters, look into the eye...look deeply into the eye...

Hal Lindsey 'at one with the eye'

Note the time mark on this next image just below. It is clipped at ten seconds. This is the opening of the show. The show opens with the eye, and for a full ten seconds the eye has been doing it's hypnotizing best on viewers before fading out while Hal Lindsey fades in. The below image is virtually indiscernible at regular speed, it passes by in the 'blink of an eye'. That sort of thing is normally called subliminal. Understanding Horus-eye-symbology, it is very difficult not to interpret this image as representing "concord with Belial". Think it could be by accident? Might want to think again.

Opening of show - as the eye fades out Hal Lindsey fades in: Hal at one with 'the all-seeing-eye'
About Hal Lindsey and what he preaches What is below is in some ways old news but many people who listen to Lindsey's teaching may still not be aware of an important consideration, namely the facts concerning Hal Lindsey's sudden emergence into mainstream prominence as a Bible prophecy 'expert' way back in 1970 with the publication of a landmark prophecy book that he authored called "The Late Great Planet Earth".

Or...was it that he did not actually write the book, but just had his name put on it, and was vaulted into national prominence anyway. Turns out that this is actually how the story goes:

"Hal Lindsey...Very few people know that Lindsey's mammoth bestseller, “The Late, Great Planet Earth,” was actually written by a woman, Carla Carlson. To his credit, Lindsey has publicly admitted this. The question remains, however: Who is Carla Carlson? Why was she involved in writing Lindsey's book? Why is her name not highlighted on the cover, in bold letters equally as large as those of Hal Lindsey? And finally: Are all of Hal Lindsey's books similarly written by unknown ghostwriters?" source: Christian Ghostwriting; Texe Marrs

"Hal Lindsey is known as the father of modern bible prophecy. His famous Late Great Planet Earth sold over 35 million copies and spawned the billion dollar end-times industry whose books and videos repeat his dispensational theme and are patterned after his novel writing style...However, after two decades of basking in the praise for creating this new genre of prophetic literature, it was quietly revealed that the books were actually ghost written by a mysterious C.C. Carlson...Hal Lindsey was 42 in 1971 when Late Great Planet Earth appeared. There is no indication he had ever written anything longer than a term paper to that point in his life. And his background as a New Orleans tugboat captain and campus evangelist suggest he never had an aptitude for writing. He is more of an active, outdoor type with strong interpersonal skills...So while Hal continues to appear on TV, maintain his high visibility and lead tour after tour to Israel (over 80 trips to date), Carole is quietly at home in Ventura, California with her feet under her word processor. They are both doing what they do best and Carole appears happy to let her famous partner enjoy the limelight." source: historicist.info

These are two brief excerpts from longer articles. Apparently, many years later, after the truth of Lindsey's non-authorship of 'Late Great Planet Earth' was revealed, the book was republished with the ghostwriter's name included. Reportedly this ghostwriter is a woman, has ghost-written for other Christian big-names, and according to some sources, it seems that no one really knows for sure just who this person actually is, man or woman. At any rate, more info can be found via a little searching on the subject for any interested.

Apparently as far as Lindsey goes all this is over and done, forgiven and forgotten, no harm no foul, so on and so forth. But is it really? Can a man enter the ministry based upon a fraud, thereby defiling it from the very beginning, and then continue on as if it did not matter? Or would this constitute a "concord with Belial" scenario. What saith the scripture? What immediately comes to mind is a similar case recorded in the fifth chapter of Book of Acts. Bible students will be familiar with it: Acts 5:1-11. The passage gives an account of a man and wife, Ananias and Sapphira by name, who attempted to enter the the brand new 1st century Christian church based upon a fraudulent representation of themselves. Please click the link just above and read if not familiar with the passage.

The reality was that this was no small matter, partly because it is the first recorded situation of this type in church history, and in that it would serve as an illustration of the mind of the LORD on the nature of the offense for all that would follow. What was/is the 'mind of the LORD' on such an offense? Both Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead on the spot [Acts. 5:5, 9-10].


21 Beheadings? - Or Just A Syria-ous Psyop: "ISIS" And The Zionist "Promised Land" Grab - Bible Prophecy

Below originally posted approximately five months ago. Reposted...because the story has not changed. It is the same thing, just pushing further. One beheading or twenty-one, if it's a Bureau of Propaganda production then what is the difference. No difference, except of course that the shock-value of only 'one beheading' has at this point obviously been lost. When it's not believable anyway, what can be expected? At any rate, what oh what to do. Up the game of course, the momentum for launching the long-planned Syria invasion/takeover must not be lost. So much more than losing steam, it must actually be ramped up through the roof. And so it is. But...but...the video...it looks so real. Really? And even if that were true, that it "looks real", though some would differ, what exactly does that prove? Exactly nothing. How many times is it said about the latest Hollywood epic that "it looked so real"? - and those are no two or three minute Youtube videos. How much easier is it to produce a realistic 'short' than a realistic full length.

ISIS the Antichrist-spirit-invoking (link below*) named threat-to-the-world that came out of nowhere not even nine months ago, but now can pop up anywhere at any time, and as it so happens, providing a perfect pretense to forward every Zionist-world-order (ZWO) takeover goal on the agenda. How convenient is that for the would-be global overlords [link]? Answer: Way too convenient. From full-scale implementing of so-called 'security' measures against the planet's populations globally, to invading and occupying the entire Middle East, especially the immediate goal of the taking of the "Promised Land", ISIS ISIS ISIS is making it all possible - with the help of a few Youtube videos of guys in orange jumpsuits with others in black-hooded get-ups waving flags, of course. Final assessment, if it is not believable...then it does not matter how many times it is replayed. While it is not possible to avoid the unrelenting psyops put out daily if not hourly at this point, a person still does not have to have their brain numbed into mush by absorbing it all. Recommend do not absorb any of it. (see link at bottom**)

[Reposted]  Israeli Mossad Code Named "ISIS" - And Imaginary 'ISIS' A Zionist Ploy To Takeover "The Promised Land" 9-13-14

There are at least a half a dozen different videos going viral based on the below clip. The clip is from 1990, revealing that the Israeli Mossad has used the acronym "ISIS" for a long time. This does not lessen the reality that the name "ISIS" is also that of the name of the so-called Egyptian 'goddess' that is used to represent the "spirit of Antichrist", aka "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" - Rev. 17:5 [see 'follow up' post linked below video]. In reality, it would be hard to see the choice of the use of those particular four letters as a code-name for 'Mossad' as anything other than intentional, which also would seem to be exactly the case with the naming of the appearing-out-of-nowhere bad guys that are suddenly providing a seemingly too-good-to-be-true perfect pretext for the Zionists immediate goal in the Middle East of taking over Syria...

This post is a follow up on:

*ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14

(Theodor Herzl is considered the 'father of modern political Zionism'- link)
"Scripted scripted scripted. Out of absolutely nowhere, overnight even, comes the ridiculously acronymed so-called Islamist terror group "ISIS". The occult connection of the name was noticed immediately of course by many. Truth is stranger than fiction they say. Another commonly used phrase to describe events that are so seemingly crazy as to defy description is "you can't make this stuff up". Well in the case before us now, neither one of these two well used maxims apply. Fiction never rings true, and evidence of being contrived is always discernible. Unusual events that fit a known objective perfectly, definitely then become suspect of having in fact been 'made up'. Contrived and made up seem to be exactly the case with what might be now termed "the rise of ISIS"...One more thing: The use of the name "ISIS". This is not just something being done for laughs. Every time the name is spoken they are invoking the 'spirit' [of antichrist] over their planned "perfect storm"..." [see post]

To the would-be earth-conquering Zionists Syria is crucial. One half of Syria, as seen above, belongs to the original promised land of the Genesis 15 "Abrahamic Covenant":

Genesis 15:18 'In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates'

The river Euphrates cuts right down the middle of Syria and Iraq. The Jews have never possessed all the land, and they want it. Make no mistake, the goal of Zionism is nothing less than total domination of the entire earth, where they should rule as lords over the 'lesser species' of 'lower humanity', but, the "Promised Land" would then be set aside as distinctly Jewish. All of this is another topic though, more than can be dealt with here [link]. Suffice it to say they do want it and it looks like it's about go-time, once again thanks to "ISIS". This 'war' very well may morph into the fake Gog-Magog WWIII, as described in the 'follow up' at top [see post; w/prophecy details].
Last year's 'ISON' the no-show meteorite proved to be imaginary: Imaginary ISON a no-show Nov. 28

Is this year's 'ISIS' the-perfect-Syria-pretext real or imaginary? They're here, they're there, they're everywhere, says the ZWO news creators. And they showed up at the perfect time too - just when the next phase of Zionist global domination was time to go, which is to say perfectly timed for the so-called 'blood moons' (fake) bible prophecy coming over the next year - according to the astronomical calendar, which then allows for some added (invented) prophecy-type effects, which can then be trumpeted to all the world as 'divine' favor on the overall agenda [link]. What a plan - no?

ISIS acronymed bad guys, harbingers, shemitah years [link], blood moons, ebola; not to mention Russia, China, Iran supposedly getting together, which is extremely convenient for anyone that might be planning to try and pull off a little Gog-Magog fake bible prophecy scenario [link]. And all these things at once? Again the question, is 'ISIS' real or imaginary. It's not that hard of a question.

Compare: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff 'Beheadings' Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syria Invasion 9-6-14

Rev. 18:4

(follow links, connect dots)

**"When Everything...Public Believes Is False"...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981 1-8-15
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'


NWO Meteorite-Agenda Goes To New Level: 'SMASHfestUK' To Prepare Public For 'Asteroid' Strike - Feb. 14-22, 2015

This post is a follow up on: 2-Yr. Flashback: Russian Chelyabinsk 'Meteorite' 2-15-13 - Undetected Because 'Sun In Their Eyes'; Meteorite Agenda 2-12-15 "Real meteorites... or something else going on? ... Take note. The tremendous hype that started two years ago as a result of the Chelyabinsk incident, and has been unceasing since, suggests strongly that a 'meteorite/comet/space rock' chaos-inducing event or events is/are absolutely, at some point, inevitable. Instant devastation anytime anywhere - the scenario is now in place. When, not if - apparently again - it occurs, the 'phoenix' of the zionist-new-world-order would be able to rise overnight from the dust and ashes of the destruction. Interesting how that works. Be absolutely aware and forget it not, could be where you live. They're coming right out and saying as much" [see post]
Credit for finding this info on SMASHfestUK goes to 'Miss A' who sent an e-mail in response to the above post, here excerpted to explain what this is (presumably Miss A you are okay with that):

"Thought you might be interested in this re, your recent post...Unfortunately, I stumbled upon it while looking for child friendly things to do during the half-term.... It's called ‘SMASHfestUK’ and, I quote, “is a series of entertaining events, installations and shows themed around what would happen if an asteroid was heading for London! There are events for all ages from 5-12, 12-16 and adults.” I nearly fell off my seat. Add to that recent ITV series; cockroaches (post apocalyptic 'comedy' following survivors of nuclear fallout)...Predictive programming much? - Miss A    ...Maranatha":

SMASHfestUK - Albany Theatre, Douglas Way, Deptford, London - Feb. 14 -22, 2015

Offsite advertisement and event descriptions for 2015 "SmashfestUK" - link
Seeing an actual event as described above, starting tomorrow February 14, 2015 running through the 22nd at various locations on the event grounds in London UK, it becomes virtually impossible to dismiss the notion of what can only be described as a public conditioning program. A public conditioning program for recovery from a massive disaster attributed to a "meteorite strike" (or asteroid, or mystery space rock of some sort, etc.). Below is the official logo for the unprecedented event. Below that are a few quotes from the official website, excerpted from descriptions of specific events/workshops seen in the above list in the advertisement. The descriptions are self-explanatory. In comprehending what is actually being done here, i.e. full-blown "meteorite agendizing", it is not hard to see how Miss A would nearly fall off her seat:

Official "SmashfestUK" logo depicting imminent meteorite strike. Be afraid - you never know when (question mark)
Survival Supermarket Sweep - link
Imagine you have just 30 seconds to gather everything that you need to take into your Survival Shelter to escape the Moment of Impact. In our apocalyptic mini-market, that’s exactly the situation you’ll find yourself in. Grab a basket, the countdown clock will begin and you need to make decisions FAST about what your survival strategy will be. Jerk Chicken? Liquorice? Whisky? Whatever you grab from the shelves will be all you have to survive on when the Asteroid hits Deptford. Choose wisely because once you check-out, there’s no going back!

Moment of impact show - link
Its happening! An asteroid is heading for Earth and its getting closer and closer. Over at Mission Control, a crack team have been trying to figure out whether if there’s a way to avoid Armageddon, but have they managed? You can only find out if you come along and join in the countdown to the Moment of Impact! This variety extravaganza, will feature an intoxicating mix of performances and events, designed to shock, excite, thrill and make you think about stuff you might not have considered before. Not only will be creating our own comet, live on stage, showing you how you can throw yourself out of a 2 story window without injury, scan your brain for evidence of activity using a set of kitchen scales, and how to protect yourself from a possible invasion of zombies.

Build your own Survival Village - link
In the aftermath of a disaster (lets just say for case of argument, a massive asteroid lands on London!) creating shelter from the elements and re-establishing a sense of community is all-important. Come and join in our survival village at The Albany Theatre Garden. Learn how to make shelters from materials you find lying around that can protect you from the elements. Have a bash at making a geodesic dome out of simple plastic pipes. Come and sit around the campfire and figure out how to make the place feel like home. Whether you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush and paints or never picked up a power tool in your life, come and build with us!

The above described workshops, as well the entire event, represent an indoctrination effort on John Q. Public like nothing ever seen. The thing about that is that there has to be a reason. Be informed.  Rev. 18:4

Home page - link

see all: tsunami, meteorite agenda
Amazing irony is that, according to the Word of God, the NWO/ZWO will itself one day see "sudden destruction...and they shall not escape":  'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3


2-Yr. Flashback: Russian Chelyabinsk 'Meteorite' 2-15-13 - Undetected Because 'Sun In Their Eyes'; Meteorite Agenda

This one is to be filed in the 'dates/incidents worth remembering' category: It was only two years ago [2-15-13] that the world was introduced to the previously unheard of new threat against life on planet earth...drum roll...the 'imminent undetected meteorite strike'. The reported meteorite-strike incident in Chelyabinsk Russia on February 15, 2013, without question, changed the 'meteorite paradigm' of life on planet earth. From never a second thought of chaos-causing imminent-space-rocks, to what is now said to be a daily threat. Overnight. This 'paradigm-shift' was the topic of these two posts linked below about this reported 'Russian strike' of two years ago. In addition is a clip from the 1998 movie "Deep Impact", the subject being a comet striking the earth. ZWO Meteorite agenda? You decide. Mentally note it though, definitely, because the now 2-yr old "space rocks threatening earth" scenario is without question here to stay:
Meteorite Hoax? Russian Politician Says Yes - NWO Says Meteorites The New Threat 2-16-13 "Real meteorites... or something else going on? Three articles bearing on the subject [see post] - So now, with the events of the past few days, as the excerpt from the article linked...reveals, what has happened is that a brand new existential threat to the "old-world-order" has been introduced to the world at large... According to the 'new-world-order' scientists quoted in this article, even larger 'meteorites' than that which the world just witnessed..."could drop out of the sky unannounced at any time and wreak havoc on a city"...and there's nothing that could be done about it because, as all the world was just schooled by the Russian strike, these mysterious "space rocks" are "too small to detect".

Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing...As reported in the second article.., some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile. The Russian politician quoted in the first article...also claimed that things are not what they are being made out to be. Another thing worth noting is that as the reported impact site just happened to be in the middle of a frozen lake, there are of course no photos...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails' and missiles?" [see post]

Below excerpted from 12-2-13 post 'Imaginary Ison' containing a video related to the reported 2-15-13 Chelyabinsk 'meteorite' and the reported dire new threat to planet earth. Note carefully the language used, it's reveals much:

[link] Below is a video of a congressional hearing one month after the fact (March-April 2013), where the seriousness of this new "meteorite threat" to the people of the world was discussed. The Russian 'meteorite' is the topic of the discussion. This reported 'meteorite'...left very little evidence behind. To start with, it was undetected, because, it is said, the sun was in their eyes [:47 and 4:22]. Then, it landed in the middle of a frozen lake, according to the reports, and no photos were possible. Reportedly it was recovered at a much later date but that story received very little attention. Was it real? Interesting choice of words by a couple of speakers in this video. At :09 the newsman uses the term "rocketed". At 1:04 the congressman uses the word "detonated". Are those verbal clues 'hidden in plain sight'? Exploding rockets?

:09 "the meteor that "rocketed" into Russia really got our attention a few weeks backs"
:15 "...the threat to our modern world. In the 'meteor and asteroid tracking business' they call the big one's 'citykillers'..."
:47 (and 4:22) "it came out of the sun, it came from a direction where our telescopes could not look"
1:00 "If you detected even a small one...like the one that "detonated" in Russia..."
1:28 "the concern is meteors that are smaller...but still big enough to take out a city...the number of undetected "citykillers" is very large...in the range of 10,000 or more"
2:04 "a big segment of the population thinks it's just a matter of call Bruce Willis in..." [in other words, what is being said is that 'they are clueless']
2:56 "realize the threat is real"

[Note: video is shortened version of original which vanished. Time marks noted above are slightly late]

Crash course [note video image] on mysterious "citykiller" flying-objects impacting earth as a new daily reality? The sun was in their eyes so they could not detect the Chelyabinsk 'meteorite'? That's what they say. Which has now brought to the attention of the world this new "threat to our modern world" [:15]. That's right citizens of earth, "undetectable" meteors big enough to take out an entire city are an imminent threat against the planet and your daily life, it is said - with at least 10,000 of these "citykillers" lurking out there somewhere in the twilight zone just waiting to crash down undetected on your world. "The threat is real" [2:56], say the novus ordo secloru-mites - anytime, anywhere...instant devastation is now a real possibility...and there is virtually nothing that can be done about it, say they. Undetected flying objects? Would those be real meteorites? You think? Never heard of such a thing before, ever.

Zio-Hollywood depicted some planetary devastation via 'comet strike' a few years back. The movie was titled "Deep Impact", it was released in 1998. Hyper-sensationalized perhaps, but the message is conveyed nevertheless:

See the meteorite? It looks like a bright light - wonder if that effect could be produced 'real-world' by some pyrotechnics, or maybe a rocket? Of course if a 'space rock' was said to have landed in the ocean who could ever say otherwise. And of course it should also be noted that tsunami-making technology is known to exist*. There are other ways entire cities could be taken out too - other than 'undetected space rocks', which also could involve bright lights zipping across the horizon and exploding on impact. Just noting these things. Note also the pre-911 [1998] portrayal of the destruction of the Twin Towers [1:42] as the 'comet-tsunami' washes over New York City.

Take note. The tremendous hype that started two years ago as a result of the Chelyabinsk incident, and has been unceasing since, suggests strongly that a 'meteorite/comet/space rock' chaos-inducing event or events is/are absolutely, at some point, inevitable. Instant devastation anytime anywhere - the scenario is now in place. When, not if - apparently again - it occurs, the 'phoenix' of the zionist-new-world-order would be able to rise overnight from the dust and ashes of the destruction. Interesting how that works. Be absolutely aware and forget it not, could be where you live. They're coming right out and saying as much.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: "Drop And Cover" - First Ever 'Meteorite Warning' Issued by "Physicians For Civil Defense"; Illuminati Meteor Card 1-11-14 "Drop and cover if you see a sudden very bright light", says the president of "Physicians for Civil Defense", a group of "U.S. doctors working with Federal emergency preparedness programs..."Large meteorite strikes are sufficiently probable" is the official new paradigm for planet earth...according to virtually every 'scientific agency' and msm news source on the planet...So much so, that an absolute unprecedented type of warning is apparently now needful for earthlings: an actual "drop and cover" meteorite warning from an actual government agency [UEMA].

also: 'Noah' Movie Trailer: "It Begins"; And 'Meteorite' Propaganda? 11-27-13 "It is most interesting though that "meteorites" would be portrayed in this movie. Also, to consider that this could not be without design. Suppose it has anything to do with a possible intended meteorite-conditioning of John Q. Public? It was not even one year ago with the reported 'meteorite' incident in Russia that the world was first introduced to the newest unpredictable-threat against the 'old paradigm' of flaming projectiles striking the earth at any given moment"  [follow links, connect dots]

*Mystery tsunamis? Geoengineered Tsunamis, 'Storm Surges'? 1999 Rescue Heroes Cartoon Demonstrates A 'Tsunami Bomb' 12-27-12

(posted 4-1-14): 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]?
2-13-15 follow up: NWO Meteorite-Agenda Goes To New Level: 'SMASHfestUK' To Prepare Public For 'Asteroid' Strike - Feb. 14-22, 2015 "In the aftermath of a disaster (lets just say for case of argument, a massive asteroid lands on London!) creating shelter from the elements and re-establishing a sense of community is all-important. Come and join in our survival village at The Albany Theatre Garden. Learn how to make shelters from materials you find lying around that can protect you from the elements..."
Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth'

Real Christians Are "Not Of The World...Chosen Out Of The World" - William Tiptaft 1803-1864

John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

You will not be persecuted for holding gospel truths in the head; but for having grace in your heart; for the former will not cause you to differ from the world.

When the fruits of the Spirit manifest themselves in your life; when you are blind to your own interest in this world; when you are deaf to the advice of the worldly-wise, then it will be said of you, "He is a changed man; he is a fool!"

Now, my dear brother, be assured of this, as God works in your dark soul, such changes as these will be caused; so that instead of panting after the riches of this world, you will pant after the unsearchable riches of Christ!

'Human nature' cannot and will not make great sacrifices; but as you have a knowledge given to you by the Spirit of the exceeding great and precious promises laid up in Christ for God's chosen few (Mt. 22:14; Jn 15:16), you will be led to see the nothingness and vanity of all things here below, and you will with joy cry out, "We have a kingdom which cannot be moved!" [Heb 12:28]

God, by His Spirit, quickens, and He alone can enable you to separate from your old companions and the world, and so make great sacrifices for Christ's sake, who has died that you might live; who became poor that you through His poverty might be made rich!  William Tiptaft [1803 - 1864]

Rev. 18:4
The 12th chapter of Hebrews begins with an exhortation for believers to turn from besetting sins and to run with patience the race set before them, reminding them of that "great cloud of witnesses" listed in the 11th chapter - the many faithful saints who had gone before yet whose lives were still 'witnessing' long after having departed this earthly scene. William Tiptaft belongs in this class. He has gone before us today, and his life still witnesseth.


Super Bowl 49 Scripted? Madden 15 'Predicts' Game, Final Score A Week Early; Hidden-In-Plain-Sight

Madden 15 perfectly predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl

"Madden 15 posted its Super Bowl prediction last week, and it turned out to be perfect. Forget the Madden Curse, EA Sports not only predicted the game would end in a 28-24 New England Patriots win, but that Julian Edelman would catch the game-winning touchdown."

"The video game didn't predict Jermaine Kearse's incredible catch, Russell Wilson's interception or the fight at the end of the game, but who could have?" [from sbnation.com]

Also: "Last week, Madden franchise publisher Electronic Arts posted a video to YouTube showing a simulation played in its latest release, Madden NFL 15, between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks...The Madden NFL 15 simulator accurately predicted that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl 28-24 and even showed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Julian Edelman. The simulator was off by just 27 for Brady's number of passing yards but was right on with number of touchdown passes he would throw [source]".
With regard to the last statement from the top posted article above noting the improbable ending of the Super Bowl game (for those who saw it), winning quarterback Tom Brady's post-game comment becomes potentially even more curious:

"It wasn't the way we drew it up", said Brady [link].

'It wasn't the way we drew it up?" Apparently not, nevertheless, the Madden 15 'prediction' still came true thanks to the very improbable final play call. Come to think of it, if those two rather strange Patriots drive-ending score-stopping interceptions had not happened, Madden 15 could never have been the exact match that it was.

How does that happen? Chance or 'drawn up'? Chances are slim and none and Slim just left town.

Hidden in plain sight?

It's a make-believe world in this nwo build-up world 2015. Be not 'enchanted'...
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: 2014 Super Bowl Symbology - USA Today: Went "Just The Way They Drew It Up" 2-3-14

"Hidden in plain sight"?
See also: 2014 World Cup Pope-Ritual Final Predetermined? "It Went Entirely To Script" Says German Coach 7-14-14


LORD, How Long...? Shall The Throne Of Iniquity Have Fellowship With Thee?  Ps. 94:20 - 'Treasury Of David'

'LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph? How long shall they utter and speak hard things? and all the workers of iniquity boast themselves? [20]...Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?' - Psalms 94:3-4,20

The throne of iniquity...which frameth mischief by a law. If there never had been such thrones in the world, there would not have been that mention made of them in the Scripture. But such there have been. That of Jeroboam was one, who would not suffer the people, according to the divine command, to go up to Jerusalem to worship God, who had there placed his name (1Kings 12:28-30); but spread, for them that went, nets upon Mizpah, and set snares upon Mount Tabor. (Ho 5:1) And such thrones there have been since, too many of them. Well saith the Psalmist, Shall they have fellowship with thee? No, no; God keeps his distance from them. Those that we call "stinking dunghills" are not so offensive to God as thrones of iniquity are, which shall neither be approved by him nor secured. Stay a while, Christians, and "in patience possess your souls (Luke 21:19); "for the world shall see that in due time he will overturn them all (Psalms 94:23).

Samuel Slater, in "The Morning Exercises"; excerpted from Spurgeon's Treasury of David - Ps. 94

See also: "O LORD, The Floods Have Lifted Up Their Voice...The LORD On High Is Mightier"; Spurgeon - Psalms 93 10-9-13


"ISIS" Beheads Japanese Hostage? Or, Japan Brought On Board ZWO's Fake 'Gog-Magog WWIII' Express Bus?

The first item below was originally posted less than six months ago 8-20-14 in response to the first incident of a purported "beheading" by the latest-greatest threat against all decency and goodness on planet earth - cleverly and also obviously kabbalistically acronymed "ISIS" (see link directly below), whom also apparently materialized virtually overnight out of the ionosphere of villainous evildom, just in the nick of time for the next phase of the zio-global domination agenda, i.e. the 'promised-land' grab [link] - an evil through-and through enemy to protect the world against - to which of course the Syria-starting would-be Middle-East-taking-over zionista-kabalistas are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to take on the job. Reposted because..there is no point in rewriting the same things endlessly. They are not - it's the same script/plot repeated - likewise the response is still the same. The only thing changed is that the plan is now just that much further along - namely that the Japanese have now been brought on board the fake Gog-Magog WWIII express bus*. Aaaall aboard...they don't call it a world-war for no reason:
ZWO Presents "The Beheaders" - Pushing The "ISIS" Theme Full Blown For Their "Perfect Storm" 8-20-14

This post is a follow up on: ISIS: ZWO Invoking 'Spirit Of Antichrist'; Script About 'The Promised Land' (Syria), 'Blood Moons', Katy Perry "Perfect Storm" [Bible Prophecy] 6-21-14 "Invoking The Spirit Of "ISIS" To Create "The Perfect Storm" - Scripted scripted scripted. Out of absolutely nowhere, overnight even, comes the ridiculously acronymed so-called Islamist terror group "ISIS". The occult connection of the name was noticed immediately of course by many. Truth is stranger than fiction they say. Another commonly used phrase to describe events that are so seemingly crazy as to defy description is "you can't make this stuff up". Well in the case before us now, neither one of these two well used maxims apply. Fiction never rings true, and evidence of being contrived is always discernible. Unusual events that fit a known objective perfectly, definitely then become suspect of having in fact been 'made up'. Contrived and made up seem to be exactly the case with what might be now termed "the rise of ISIS"...Contrived and scripted. "ISIS" threatening the Middle East, potentially escalating into what? The only thing required for that answer is to thumb back through the pages of the global-takeover script a bit. Don't have to go too far back for the first 'clue' hidden-in-plain-sight. It was at the 2014 Grammys [January 26th] where Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" was 'unleashed' upon the world, with the main refrain being: "Cause I'm comin' at you like a dark horse (Like a dark horse)...Are you ready for...Ready for (Ready for)... A perfect storm" [link]...The clip [see post] is from the studio-produced video of the "Dark Horse" song. It portrays Katy Perry standing atop a pyramid like the eye of Horus capstone on the dollar bill, dressed in, that's right, an Isis outfit...Now, very important, is to go back to the script again, and from the Grammy's page go a few pages forward this time. Doing that will land you directly on the Hagee/Biltz 4-Blood-Moons page... Thinking in terms of a "script", the "4-blood-moons" scenario, as created by team Hagee/Biltz, allows for a perfect "perfect storm" scenario to be unfolded over the next year and one-half or so. As stated in the [post], the window is now open - April 2014 to Sept. 2015 - for their invented 'blood-moon prophecies' to be fulfilled..." [see full post]

photo credit
The Beheaders - the latest Theatre of the Absurd production, compliments of the global media conglomerate aka the ZWO Bureau of Propaganda. Barely on the scene for even two months now, The Beheaders have quickly become a serious "global threat" - including threatening the USofA with all sorts of dastardly deeds, say the NWO news-dispensing agencies. All of that in just over two months existence seems to be a very fast plot development. But, then again, the Hagee/Biltz "blood-moon" time clock (4-'14 to 9-'15] is already running...

Releasing extreme productions like this must be considered very extreme. Suggests that the ZWO producers are making the final preparations for taking their whole agenda [*Syria; fake Gog-Magog WWIII] to the next level. That would be the "Perfect Storm" that the same producers had what's-her-name singing about dressed in an "Isis" costume just a while back, as mentioned above.

Be informed...which by the way involves discerning make believe, which is virtually everything nowadays.
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: Arab News Al Jazeera Claims Foley, Sotloff "Beheadings" Were "Hollywood" Productions To Justify Syrian Invasion 9-6-14

See also: 'ISIS' Imaginary? Old Spice Commercial Shows Severed Head During 9-14-14 Seahawks/Chargers NFL Game 9-15-14 "As always the answer is hidden in plain sight"

And definitely: Paris? 'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981 1-8-15

[follow links, connect dots; be fully informed]
Ezekiel 21:27 'I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him' (i.e. The Lord Jesus Christ - Rev. 19:11-13)


2-Yr Flashback: ZWO-Amerika Rewrites Rules In Order To Send Women Into Combat - January 2013

Originally posted 1-23-13 [new 'links' added]:
New-Dawn-Rising Update: Zionist-America To Send Women Into Combat; And The Number '23' Stamp

Pentagon chief Leon Panetta lifting ban on women serving in combat

 Women sent to the front line to fight
and die for Zionist global domination?
Once again, the one-eye-darkened eye-
of-horus 'i.d.' reveals the dark reality,
[Story, photo - nydailynews.com; 1-23-13] The groundbreaking move overturns a 1994 rule preventing women from serving in ground combat units. It could potentially give them access to more than 230,000 jobs, many in Army and Marine infantry units, beginning as soon as this year.

Senior defense officials say Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war.

The groundbreaking move recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff overturns a 1994 rule prohibiting women from being assigned to smaller ground combat units. Panetta's decision gives the military services until January 2016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any positions must remain closed to women.

A senior military official says the services will develop plans for allowing women to seek the combat positions. Some jobs may open as soon as this year. Assessments for others, such as special operations forces, including Navy SEALS and the Army's Delta Force, may take longer.

The announcement on Panetta's decision is not expected until Thursday, so the official spoke on condition of anonymity. [Note: The move was formally ratified the following day - 1/24/13]

re: "groundbreaking move"

Groundbreaking move? Manipulating women to pour out their blood and give up their lives for the new-dawn-rising 'Zion' in battle against so-called "non-integrating" nations? Besides the horror of that, what is this about if not simply the further destruction of society through the total destruction of gender roles within society - women not to be protected, and men not the protectors. No, it is another 'new normal' from the kabalist social-engineers of the novus ordo seclorum - where girls can be boys and boys can be girls, and gender identification is a bad thing, because it's now perfectly new-normal for women to be masculine (yes, that is a woman in the photo), and men to be feminine, or both - go transgender bisexual if you want - and anybody can marry anybody, and don't say otherwise.

And when the Zionist global-agendites decide to launch their long-planned for Iran-Russia-China vs. Israel fake Ezekiel 38-39* Gog-Magog WWIII to finalize the collapse of the existing world system so that they can claim victory and rise their false-zion from the ashes and build a temple in Jerusalem and set themselves as world rulers and put a king on a throne as king of the whole world - who by the way will turn out to be the biblical Antichrist [link]...why should they not be able to draft all the little girls and strap a rifle on them and use them for fodder [for the beast] also? Well, as is now evident, that is exactly what they intend to do. Not to mention that less women means a lot less "useless-eaters" down the road, and just think of how much money that will save on health care...

[*Gog-Magog - which can not happen until the end of the 'millennium' - Rev. 20:7-8; - link]

Don't agree with the assessment? Look at the eye-of-Horus photo again. Anathema maranatha.

Rev. 18:4

1-24-13 update: Not to missed here is that this pronouncement also comes with an 'attachment'. In typical kabalist fashion, along with the obligatory one-eye-darkened photo, the new venture has been 'sealed', or marked, with occult numerology. While exoterically putting a positive spin on the "groundbreaking move" by making it out to be about new job possibilities for women, esoterically, attaching the figure of 230,000 [23] at the outset of this "groundbreaking move" (note also that this story was first 'leaked' on the 23rd) indelibly stamps it with the mark of the 'beast':

New NY Gun Law Is S.2230; And Kabalist Numerology 1-19-13 "Not as well known...is the deep occult significance...attached to the number 23. Although there seems to be many variations on the theme, in general the number 23 in occult numerology is said to be associated with death. Apparently, the reasoning for this is rooted in the fact that 2/3 = 666"  [see post]

[follow links, connect dots; Rom. 10:13]
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'


"O LORD, The Floods Have Lifted Up Their Voice...The LORD On High Is Mightier"; Spurgeon - Psalms 93

Excerpted from Spurgeon's exposition of Psalms 93 in 'Treasury of David':
Psalms 93

The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.
Thy throne is established of old: thou art from everlasting.
The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves.
The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.
Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, for ever.

The LORD reigneth....Whatever opposition may arise, his throne is unmoved; he has reigned, does reign, and will reign for ever and ever. Whatever turmoil and rebellion there may be beneath the clouds, the eternal King sits above all in supreme serenity; ...let his foes rage as they may. All things are ordered according to his eternal purposes, and his will is done... Let us repeat the proclamation, "the Lord reigneth, " whispering it in the ears of the desponding, and publishing it in the face of the foe.

He is clothed with majesty. Not with emblems of majesty, but with majesty itself: everything which surrounds him is majestic. His is not the semblance but the reality of sovereignty. In nature, providence, and salvation the Lord is infinite in majesty.

Thy throne is established of old. Though thou mayest just now appear in more conspicuous sovereignty, yet thine is no upstart sovereignty: in the most ancient times thy dominion was secure, yea, before time was thy throne was set up. We often hear of ancient dynasties, but what are they when compared with the Lord? Are they not as the bubble on the breaker, born an instant ago and gone as soon as seen? Thou art from everlasting. The Lord himself is eternal. Let the believer rejoice that the government under which he dwells has an immortal ruler at its head, has existed from all eternity and will flourish when all created things shall have for ever passed away. Vain are the rebellions of mortals, the kingdom of God is not shaken.

The floods have lifted up, 0 LORD. Men have raged like angry waves of the sea, but vain has been their tumult. Observe that the psalmist turns to the Lord when he sees the billows foam, and hears the breakers roar; he does not waste his breath by talking to the waves, or to violent men; but like Hezekiah he spreads the blasphemies of the wicked before the Lord. The floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves. These repetitions are needed for the sake both of the poetry and the music, but they also suggest the frequency and the violence of wicked assaults upon the government of God, and the repeated defeats which they sustain. Sometimes men are furious in words—they lift up their voice, and at other times they rise to acts of violence—they lift up their waves; but the Lord has control over them in either case. The ungodly are all foam and fury, noise and bluster, during their little hour, and then the tide turns or the storm is hushed, and we hear no more of them; while the kingdom of the Eternal abides in the grandeur of its power.

The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters. The utmost of their power is to him but a sound and he can readily master it, therefore he calls it a noise by way of contempt. When men combine to overthrow the kingdom of Jesus, plot secretly, and by and by rage openly, the Lord thinks no more of it than of so much noise upon the sea beach. Jehovah, the self existent and omnipotent, cares not for the opposition of dying men, however many or mighty they may be...When the storm raises Atlantic billows, and drives them on with terrific force, the Lord is still able to restrain them, and so also when impious men are haughty and full of rage the Lord is able to subdue them and overrule their malice. Kings or mobs, emperors or savages, all are in the Lord's hands, and he can forbid their touching a hair of the heads of his saints.

Thy testimonies are very sure. As in providence the throne of God is fixed beyond all risk, so in revelation his truth is beyond all question. Other teachings are uncertain, but the revelations of heaven are infallible. As the rocks remain unmoved amid the tumult of the sea, so does divine truth resist all the currents of man's opinion and the storms of human controversy; they are not only sure, but very sure. Glory be to God, we have not been deluded by a cunningly devised fable: our faith is grounded upon the eternal truth of the Most High.

Holiness becometh thine house, 0 LORD, for ever. Truth changes not in its doctrines, which are very sure, nor holiness in its precepts, which are incorruptible. The teaching and the character of God are both unaltered. God has not admitted evil to dwell with him, he will not tolerate it in his house, he is eternally its enemy, and is for ever the sworn friend of holiness... Sacred unto the Lord is the church of Jesus Christ, and so shall she be kept evermore...All power is in thine hands, and we rejoice to have it so. Hosanna! Hosanna! (Rev. 19:1-4)

"noise of many waters" current status; see: Ten kings shall arise - Dan. 7:24
Proverbs 21:30 'There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD'

Endless Hacker-Hoaxes Now To Result In "Cybersecurity EO's" TBA In January 20, 2015 State Of The Union

Reposted from one week ago; Note: do not be distracted by the "tax raise" distraction/misdirection

This post is a definite follow up on: 'Ordo Ab Chao' Hacker-Psyop Repeated Again (JPMorgan): Call For "Major Cybersecurity Legislation" Repeated Also 10-3-14 "Related to: Ordo Ab Chao Daily: Russian 'Password-Hackers' Hoax Brings Push For NSTIC "Internet ID" 8-7-14 "[5-7-14] "A plot by the Obama administration to impose Internet IDs on Americans is now officially being rolled out, with pilot programs for the controversial online “driver’s license” scheme already beginning in both Michigan and Pennsylvania...Officially known as the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace,” or NSTIC for short, outlines of the plan were initially floated by the Obama administration’s “Homeland Security” apparatus in 2010 [link]'...Some have dubbed this a "driver's license" for the internet" - Bad bad Russian hackers...Or, it's all staged to force the digital-control internet-identity agenda, and will be repeated endlessly until it's a done deal. You decide. [see post]
Obama will unveil new cybersecurity initiatives this week

President Barack Obama is set to unveil a series of initiatives to bolster U.S. cybersecurity that he will detail in speeches this week.

The U.S. president will lay out a series of legislative proposals and executive actions that will be in his State of the Union that will tackle identity theft and privacy issues, cybersecurity, and access to the Internet, reported the New York Times, quoting a White House official.

The recent, high-profile hack into Sony’s corporate networks, which federal investigators have blamed on North Korea...

In addition, the recent increase in severity of intrusions into major U.S. retailers such as Home Depot and Target...

re: 'State of Union (Jan. 20)...series of legislative proposals and executive actions - White House official'

For your protection
Johnny Q. Public-ers - "legislative proposals" and some brand spankin new EO's to keep ya'll safe from those bad bad hackers, the likes of which you've seen now repeatedly somehow magically getting into all the big-boy ZWO-corporate partners secret financial files and causing...that's right...CHAOS. One after another after another - hacking mastery like nothing ever before seen. And so, being forced of course to adopt a defensive anti-hacker posture, just like that, quicker than the blink of an all-seeing-eye of horus, right out of the kabalist ordo ab chao playbook, as always...after the 'chao'...comes the 'ordo'. Yes sir, to fix the scourge of the over-multiplicity of hacking hackers, the time has come to roll out the novus ordo seclorum "cybersecurity identity-theft/internet access" plan - which essentially can only be the infamous "NSTIC" [see follow up above], as the goals stated by the "official White House source" are exactly the same as those of the NSTIC - regardless of how it may be renamed and/or repackaged and marketed for the upcoming initial release.

Long planned full scale Big-Brotherization of the internet about to commence. Be absolutely aware.

Compare: The Neuter-net: ZWO Unfolding Triple-Play For Internet Takeover: ID's, "Right To Be Forgotten", Fast-Slow Lanes 5-7-14 "It is a triple-play. Not one, not two, but three simultaneous movements. It is in fact a veritable so-called 'perfect storm' - and like most other storms these days, absolutely "geoengineered", i.e. completely manufactured, and targeted. In this case the clear target is a final, and absolutely comprehensive, Big Brother takeover of the internet by the ZWO-cabalist would-be masters of the universe. Understanding the depth of the dark driving force behind the anti-Christ global schemers it is not at all difficult to understand that this very thing has been an inevitability from the beginning. Certainly the self-convinced would-be candidates-for-apotheosis never really intended the internet to be a tool to empower the sub-species of 'earthlings' to resist their destiny of 666-servitude to them as gods-to-be of planet earth...No, that would make no sense at all, would it? And so here, the master plan to remove the 'empowering' aspect of the internet for the subspecies is now unfolding...

also: Paris? 'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981 1-8-15
John 9:4 '...the night cometh, when no man can work'  Rev. 18:4


Fake-False-Prophet Pope Francis Philippines Trip Hit By 'Typhoon' - 4th (At Least) Similar Occurrence; Pattern?

Typhoon meets pope in Tacloban? Supernatural or geoengineered?
Pope cuts Tacloban trip short amid typhoon in the Philippines

(CNN) Pope Francis cut his trip to Tacloban short Saturday as an approaching typhoon with blistering winds threatened the city in the Philippines.

The Pope donned a slicker to conduct an outdoor Mass for hundreds of thousands who gathered despite stormy weather. The Mass in Tacloban was shortened after sustained winds of 80 mph and higher gusts howled toward the city.

Typhoon Mekkhala, which is called Typhoon Amang in the Philippines, was arriving on the island of eastern Samar -- about 50 miles from where the Pope was in Tacloban.

The pontiff is also scheduled to perform an outdoor Mass in Manila on Sunday before millions of Filipinos. By then, the storm should weaken to a tropical depression. Still, Manila could face gusty winds and significant rain during the Mass.

The Pope leaves Manila for Rome on Monday.

This post is a follow up on: [update] 6-8-14 Vatican, Beast Asteroid -Will There Be A Sign?  - Tornado In Aurora, "3 Hell's Angels" Prison Escape 6-8-14 "On 4-27-14 the world witnessed the first of what will now be three of what must be considered "major pope events". That first "major pope event" being noted here was the unprecedented 3D dual-pope double dead-pope canonization
Two horns like a lamb [link]
ritual/spectacular at the Vatican. The second of the three "major pope events" being noted here was fake 'false prophet' Bergoglio/Francis's 5-25-14 first-ever visit to Jerusalem...Prior to each event the question was raised as to whether there might be "a sign" to, as-it-were, mark the occasion (i.e. geoengineered 'sign' - meteorite, earthquake, tsunami, etc.). In both instances this seemed to be exactly what happened: After the 4-27-14 3D-pope extravaganza, same day even, a tornado devastated Little Rock, AR - the significance being the name of the location, Little Rock, having symbolic meaning to popery [link] ...Interestingly enough the Jerusalem trip ended also with a tornado. As the FFP left the land of oil, the Middle East, a same day tornado (5-27-14) hit an oil field - link" - [So]...will there be another (geo-engineered chaos-destruction) 'sign' to 'mark' this biggest of the three 'major pope events'? Sunday the 8th into Monday the 9th will tell...After the second, the 'oil field tornado', this statement was made, quoted from the "oil field" post linked above: "...tornadoes and the New World Pope [NWP] seem to be on similar schedules. Definitely noting that. May even be a pattern developing. Have to watch and see" ...A pattern - similar schedules? Sure enough, after this 6-8-14 'Vatican global-religion-prayer/Beast asteroid' ceremonial, another same-day location-specific tornado hits. That makes three for three now. And where does it just happen to hit this time but of all places right smack dab in Aurora CO..." [see post]

As noted in the 'follow up' post linked directly above, three same-day location-specific tornadoes coinciding with three Bergoglio/Francis events/visits have been documented. First was the 4-27-14 unprecedented 3D dual-pope Francis/Benedict global-broadcast; second was the 5-27-14 FPP-Francis first trip to Jerusalem (5-27 being the day he left); third occurrence was the also unprecedented 6-8-14 first-ever Muslim/Jewish/Catholic prayer lollapalooza at the Vatican, which also seems to have been commemorated by a tornado (see post, follow links). After the second it was remarked that strangely enough the possibility of a pattern seemed to be emerging. And so here now, as FPP Francis is in of all places Tacloban, Philippines, devastated a little over a year ago by an nwo-titled "super-typhoon" (link below) - comes what is at the very least a fourth occurrence, this time a little typhoon hitting the areas surrounding, that's right, the very city of Tacloban. And note especially, this comes the day before the scheduled "mass in Manilla before millions".

This now being at least the fourth strike the coincidence factor has to be ruled out, meaning then that the "pattern theory" of NWP Francis and 'natural disasters' traveling on similar schedules must actually have some validity. Being that this as a fact has to now be seen as somewhat established, the question is raised as to what to make of it. The question leaves only two possible answers: (1) Francis's movements are attended by supernatural destructive signs from the heavens - which would then have to suggest that there is something special about him, as if he himself were connected to supernatural forces, like a 'False-Prophet' would be expected to be [Rev. 13:11-13]; or (2) the 'weather events' following him have been geoengineered so as to make him appear to be "connected to supernatural forces", like a 'False-Prophet' should be.

Geoengineereing? Seems to be undoubtable these days. Bergoglio/Francis the real "False Prophet"? Absolutely in no way possible - link.

One more thing - Francis is heading back to Rome on Monday. This raises the question once again: Another 'sign' (watch out Romans) on the way? stay tuned...
 Rev. 18:4
Compare also: Tacloban, Philippines: "It Was Like A Tsunami" - Was it One? 11-10-13

[follow links, connect dots]
1Tim. 3:1,13 'This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come...(13) evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'


European Governments Putting Police State Program On Steroids After 'Paris Production' - How Predictable Is That?

Follow up on: Paris? 'When Everything...Public Believes Is False'...Disinfo Program Will Be Complete - William Casey CIA/ZWO 1981 1-8-15 "Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston...Ottawa Canada, Sydney Australia, and now, with barely time to catch a breath, Paris France. Any of those believable? If even one is not, how can any of them be believed? There is only one goal - totalitarian control of the entire planet [see: London 2012]. It will not happen by itself..."
European Powers Implement Police State Measures in Wake of Charlie Hebdo Attack

[excerpted; full article at link] Governments throughout Europe have responded to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in France by moving quickly to push through a raft of anti-democratic measures. They are exploiting the shock and confusion generated by the event in Paris to take actions that have long been prepared, but that have so far encountered resistance.

Immediately after the attacks, the police presence at airports, in front of embassies, government buildings, newspaper offices and public places was reinforced by thousands of security forces in European capitals and major cities. Heavily armed and camouflaged military troops have been deployed throughout Paris and elsewhere in France, including at the Eiffel Tower and in all public places. Parts of the city resemble a war zone.

On Monday, the Ministry of Defence in Paris announced the deployment of 10,000 troops to maintain peace and order and protect public buildings. In addition, the government has provided 4,700 police officers and gendarmes to guard Jewish schools and synagogues that are considered particularly vulnerable.

At a security summit last weekend in Brussels, the European powers agreed that a European-wide passenger data system must be adopted as soon as possible. Airlines will be obliged to retain the records of their passengers for up to five years.

Individual countries throughout Europe are planning their own measures. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) has called for better international intelligence cooperation. Later this week, the government in Germany will consider a bill that provides for the withdrawal of identity cards from “potential attackers.”

In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a drastic expansion of Internet surveillance. He wants to ban encryption programmes and news services like WhatsApp. Cameron said that there must be no “means of communication” that “we cannot read.”

The Italian government under Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (PD, Democratic Party) has also announced a significant expansion of state powers. Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has announced that he will introduce a bill in the Council of Ministers that will enable the police to withdraw the passport of any terrorism suspect. In addition, Alfano will provide the police and judiciary with extraordinary powers that will allow increased Internet surveillance. The government is planning to shut down suspicious websites. Internet service providers must cooperate in the future, to “track messages"...

The main purpose of this coordinated offensive by the European powers is not the fight against an alleged “Islamist threat.” The ruling elites are increasingly turning the continent into a police state as popular resistance against the European Union and its policies is growing.

Compare: Fake Paris Cop-Shooting A Kabalist 'Hidden In Plain Sight' Ritual: 'Blood Put There' After The Fact, Says 'Reporter' 1-12-15

Also: Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss'; Event A "Satire"? 1-10-15

All in the space of one week. It could not be any more predictable.  fyi

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 5:8 'Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!''


Fake Paris Cop-Shooting A Kabalist 'Hidden In Plain Sight' Ritual: "Blood...Put There" After The Fact, Says 'Reporter'

Follow up on: Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss'; Event A "Satire"? 1-10-15 "The MSM widely publicized laying-on-the-sidewalk purportedly injured-Paris-policeman terrorist-shooting-victim, reportedly head-shot/killed on that spot, but as seen clearly in the video [see post], it appears to be a miss, which looks to be intentional (not even close - watch the little poof of dust at least a foot away, note head never moves as would if hit) - if not actually a blank that was fired.." [see post, original video]
Sky News Reporter Makes Freudian Slip Covering Up False Flag in France

Much has been made about the lack of blood in the video showing a French policeman allegedly shot in the head at point-blank range with an AK-47 assault rifle during the Charlie Hedbo attack. The video continues to be removed and censored on YouTube and other platforms

The mainstream media continues to push the story that this officer was killed by a head wound. One report by UK-based Sky News seems to admit having placed fake blood at the scene.

Sky News presenter suffers Freudian Slip: "You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there to..." He then catches himself and clarifies, "because of the blood that was shed on this spot yesterday."

In related and equally unbelievable news, a new speed record was set for the planning and logistics of gathering most world leaders in one location. In the past it would have taken weeks to plan an event like this.


Freeze frame from original video the moment after gun is fired. At this precise point in time, the bullet, if there even was one, had already ricocheted off the sidewalk leaving just a little poof of dust (image from 'follow up' post linked above). As noted in the photo caption, the supposed victim looks to be quite 'unshot':

All things considered, this seemingly amateurish-mistake/cover up surrounding this cop-gets-shot scene from the novus-ordo-seclorum Paris '15 production really is too pathetic to see it any other way than as absolutely intentional. It is once again, as always, the hiding of truth in plain sight. They did it, and anybody who has eyes to see can because they put the truth right in front of everybody, but for those who cannot see...oh well too bad so sad, say they. It is the Kabalist-Luciferian way. Satan is the god (little 'g') of this world [2Cor. 4:4], and the reality is people, those who hold power in this world are are his minions [link], and they do his bidding [link]. And this is how they operate. It's called witchcraft [Nahum 3:4] and sorcery [Rev. 18:23-24].  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 52:1,4 'Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually...God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah' [cf. Ps. 52:1-4]