Samsung Warns Customers To Be Careful What They Say Around Their Smart TV

Samsung warns customers not to discuss personal information in front of smart TVs

Samsung has confirmed that its "smart TV" sets are listening to customers' every word, and the company is warning customers not to speak about personal information while near the TV sets.

The company revealed that the voice activation feature on its smart TVs will capture all nearby conversations. The TV sets can share the information, including sensitive data, with Samsung as well as third-party services.

The news comes after Shane Harris at The Daily Beast pointed out a troubling line in Samsung's privacy policy: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party."

Samsung has now issued a new statement clarifying how the voice activation feature works. "If a consumer consents and uses the voice recognition feature, voice data is provided to a third party during a requested voice command search," Samsung said in a statement. - full article at link

re: 'if a consumer consents and uses'

Notice carefully. According to the wording in the Samsung statement, last paragraph above, to simply use voice-recognition is to consent to any possible use of anything whatsoever that is recorded. Which brings up the only possible conclusion on the matter - a Smart TV owner is an oxymoron. 

Windows 10 wants to listen in on you too by the way:

Alert: Windows 10 Now A 'Recommended' Update, May Auto Install - Because Big Brother Wants You On The 'IoT' 2-2-16 "Windows 10 takes control of the computer away from the user, essentially turning it into a Big Brother home portal. It tracks, listens, records, talks, downloads whatever it decides to automatically, and more; and is fully intended to continue to morph into who knows what in the years to come. No longer a 'product' says MS, it is now a "service". Of course the user does not own a 'service' - a service is something provided to him. The 'service' aka W10 is ultimately designed to plug users into the IoT* - "internet of things". That would be your W10 home portal, smart phone, smart TV, smart home with smart meter and smart refrigerator etc., smart Barbie [link], smart car, smart whatever all wired into one huge control grid with which to Big Brother micromanage the planet. Windows 10 Microsoft's final system designed to make it happen..."

Rev. 18:4

US Gov. 'Draft' Policy Claims 'Equal Partnership' With Parents, Allows In-Home 'Visits'; And "Blue Zones"

Feds Seek Home Visits, Calling Parents "Equal Partners"

[excerpted] Big Brother wants to be an “equal partner” with American parents in the raising of their own children, starting before they are even born. He wants to send his agents to your house for “home visits,” too. Believe it or not, two powerful arms of Obama administration, the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), explicitly say so themselves.

In a draft policy statement on “family engagement,” the two unconstitutional bureaucracies openly state their joint position: families are “equal partners” in everything from children's “development” and “education” to their “wellness across all settings.” Virtually no area of family life, including the health and “mental health” of parents, as well as a family's “attitudes” and even its “housing,” would be free from government intrusion under the government's Orwellian vision. Even vague notions of “family wellness,” as defined by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., would be put under a government microscope. "Parenting interventions" will be used to ensure compliance.

Big Psychiatry will also play a major role. “Ensure constant monitoring and communication regarding children’s social-emotional and behavioral health,” the document demands. “Ensure that children’s social-emotional and behavioral needs are met and that families and staff are connected with relevant community partners, such as early childhood mental health consultants and children’s medical homes.” In the policy statement's “recommendations” for states — much of which will be imposed through federal bribes — state governments are told to “expand early childhood mental health consultation efforts.”

The document calls for various government programs to visit your house. Seriously. “To support ongoing relationship building with families, programs and schools should conduct periodic home visits so that teachers and families can get to know each other and communicate about children’s goals, strengths, challenges, and progress,” the policy statement says, adding that if home visits are not possible for “all families,” other requirements should be imposed.

It was not immediately clear when the policy draft was released, nor what the current status of it is. The document remains online at the federal government's website. It appears to have been put out during or after the fall of 2015. Nobody answered the phone at the agency when contacted by The New American on Wednesday to ask about the policy. In its press section, though, the department was boasting of federal agencies “joining forces” to create a new “center” that will “support the Obama administration’s goal of expanding access to high-quality early care, education, and home visiting for all young children.” (Emphasis added.) It said the goals would be accomplished through, among other means, providing “help” to states as well as “child care centers, preschools, and home visiting programs.”  - full article at link

Virtually exactly what is described in the above article with regard to this latest "draft policy statement" from the would-be totalitarian Zionist-owned and operated Department of the USA/Feds - was launched in a number of U.S. cites five months ago in the form of a supposed pilot program going by the name "Blue Zones Project". The similarity becomes very evident in comparing the article on 'Blue Zones' linked directly below. What essentially is being demanded in this newly revealed 'draft statement' from the 'Feds', as reported above, is precisely what is already even now underway in a number of cities and/or towns across the USA. Namely, a program granting full and complete 'governmental' access i.e. intrusion into virtually every area of 'the citizen's' life. Adults, children, lifestyle, friends, everything...to come under the direction of the 'government-agents':

US Communities Launching Agenda21 "Blue Zones Project" i.e. Communitarian Dictatorship; Peter Drucker 9-9-15 "All of it is taking place under the guise of creating “healthy communities” through a public-private partnership between governments, health insurance giants, and businesses to create “Blue Zones.” -- “The Blue Zones Project is a systems approach in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders collaborate on policies and programs that move the community towards better health and well-being,” it says on the outfit's website - - Cities from Minnesota, Hawaii, and California to Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Iowa are in the Blue Zones Project's cross-hairs - - Consider a series of Blue Zone “check lists” for citizens produced by the initiative. The “Bedroom Checklist,” for example, under “direction,” tells participants to “start making changes to your bedroom environment based on the recommendations given.” ...The Blue Zones “Kitchen Checklist”...apparently supposed to help people eat less, and eat healthier...Beyond the checklists dictating just about everything in and around your home, another Blue Zones document, the “Tribe Check Up,” helps you pick the “Right Tribe” to associate with based on lifestyles deemed healthy by the Blue Zone experts..." [see post]

Again, this so-called 'Blue Zones Project' is already underway. Obviously then, regardless of what it is called, or not called, the Zio-Fed wants to now expand the dictatorial-control home-invasion program country-wide, and, as here now revealed, do in fact have big plans all ready to go. And certainly it is no coincidence that another Fed-related statement was just recently released calling for mandatory government 'mental health' assessments. This is to be done by transforming the 'doctors office' into Big Brother compliance check-stations:

Federal Advisory Panel Calls For Mandatory 'Depression Screening' As Part Of 'Obamacare Checkup' 2-8-16 "Primary care doctors should screen all adults for depression, including including older adults, pregnant women and new mothers, an influential expert panel recommended Tuesday...The recommendations are published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and apply to adults 18 years and older. The task force is in the midst of updating its recommendations for depression screening in children and teens..."

The mad zio-globalist eaters-of-the-forbidden-fruit with their god-complexed dreams [Gen. 3:3-5] of reigning as super-kings over all the earth [link; link] are coming from absolutely every angle now, and with an ever increasing frantic-ness about the whole thing. Be aware, and know what it is when/if you see it, cause they just might come a-knockin one of these days...just like they are already doing in those whatchamacall 'Blue Zones'.

One day at a time.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 115:11 'Ye that fear the LORD, trust in the LORD'


Notable Quotes: Spurgeon On Luther On 'Election vs. Free Will' - 1855

"... and I will go as far as Martin Luther, in that strong assertion of his, where he says, 'If any man doth ascribe of salvation, even the very least, to the free will of man, he knoweth nothing of grace, and he hath not learnt Jesus Christ aright.' It may seem a harsh sentiment; but he who in his soul believes that man does of his own free will turn to God, cannot have been taught of God, for that is one of the first principles taught us when God begins with us, that we have neither will nor power, but that He gives both [Eph. 2:1]; that He is 'Alpha and Omega' in the salvation of men."

Charles H. Spurgeon from the sermon 'Free Will A Slave' (1855) referring to Luther's book 'The Bondage of the Will'

2Tim. 1:9 'Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began'


Mini-Isis aka 'Zika' Only 2 Weeks Old But Agenda Full Speed: Abort Babies In Latin America, New Diseases, Can't Catch

This post is a follow up on: Mini-ISIS: 'Zika' Terrorist-Mosquitoes Threaten World Says WHO - Emergency Meeting Monday 2-1-16; Agenda 21 1-28-16 "All new for 2016: Overnight, out of nowhere, like always, not crazed middle eastern 'terrorists' this time, but apparently their counterparts from the insect world, so-called "Zika" terrorist-mosquitoes threatening the security of the whole wide world -- "Zika"? - even the name is not believable...Note also that 'Operation Zika' is coming with a built-in population control mechanism, another top global-kingdom priority, pushing women in these countries to 'avoid pregnancy' because of the alleged new risk of Zika shrunken-head-baby birth defects. Look look, just look at the picture...see the baby - it's Zika... While the main focus appears to be Mexico down through South America at this early stage, there is no certainty that 'Operation Zika' will not be expanded at some point in the future. Global micromanagement is the only goal and this brand new 'micro-terrorist' psy-op is just beginning. Be aware...' [see post]
Not even two weeks old, 'Zika', as stated above, is exactly like "Isis", the only difference being that these 'terrorists' are much smaller. Like 'Big Isis', mini-Isis 'Zika' suddenly appeared out of nowhere and quickly became the 'scourge' of all the world; and like Big Isis, according to the new official explanation, see below, they too are proving to be nearly impossible to stop (1). And like Big Isis, see below also, mini-Isis 'Zika' continually expands it's variety of threats (2). And like Big Isis, 'the threat' of them is being made to serve as a pretext for a horrible globalist agenda (3) which up to this point had not been possible - namely in this case to kill off unborn babies in the womb aka abortion in the Latin American nations of the world where their heavily Catholicized belief system has not permitted this. In addition, creating a general atmosphere of great fear with regard to pregnancy and childbirth, and very apparently, with the purposeful intent to make it permanent. And why? Simply for 'nwo' population control purposes. There is no other legitimate way to view what is transpiring. That is, all in less than two weeks, 'mosquito' shows up, and instantaneously the event is turned into an "abortion" narrative for heavily Catholicized anti-abortion Latin America. The fact is that nothing about the brand new and nonsensical 'Zika crisis' is even remotely believable as being something naturally occurring - which leaves only one alternative:

1. Mosquitoes that spread Zika virus are tough to stop from spreading

SAVANNAH, Ga. — The mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus are among the hardest species to fight because they live and breed in tub drains, dog bowls, buckets, flower pots and other spots where water collects inside the houses and yards of the people they bite, insect experts noted Monday...Because they stick close to home, Zika-carrying mosquitoes are hard to target with larvacide and insecticide sprays, they said.

“You’re not going to find them in roadside ditches or in swamps,” said Mark Cothran, mosquito control director for Gulf County, Florida. “You’re going to find them in dog food bowls or in 5-gallon buckets. It almost requires going door-to-door to dump out containers.”

Cothran is one of hundreds of municipal mosquito control officers and insect researchers from across the U.S. attending the American Mosquito Control Association’s annual conference, which opened Monday in Savannah.

2. Nearly 100 nerve disorder cases linked to Zika in Colombia - health officials

BOGOTA, Feb 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly 100 Colombians suffering from the Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare nerve disorder, also have symptoms of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, Colombia's National Health Institute has said...Colombian health authorities recently announced that three people who had been infected with the Zika virus had died after developing the Guillain-Barre syndrome, the first time health officials had said the Zika virus could cause deaths.

"We have confirmed and attributed three deaths to Zika," Martha Lucia Ospina, head of Colombia's National Health Institute, told reporters during a news conference on Feb. 5.

3. Zika prompts urgent debate about abortion in Latin America

RIO DE JANEIRO — Across Latin America, calls to loosen some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world in the face of the Zika virus outbreak are gaining momentum but encountering strong and entrenched opposition...Nearly everywhere in Latin America, including in those countries hit hardest by Zika, women who wish to terminate their pregnancies have few legal options. But as U.N. health officials have projected as many as 4 million infections in the Americas this year, activists are pressing lawmakers to act as swiftly as possible to ease rigid restrictions...Several governments in Latin American nations have responded to the crisis by urging women to postpone pregnancy. But the availability of contraceptives is limited, especially in rural Latin America, and church authorities in the heavily Roman Catholic region oppose their use.

We hope Zika changes the debate,” said Silvia Plana, director of Coordination for the Life and Health of Women, an abortion rights legal aid group in Colombia.


Avoid capture, develop new threats, accomplish global agendas. Just like big Isis, mini-Isis can also do anything apparently.

Make believe Isis-mosquitoes to abort babies though - that one does take the cake.
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 10:1,8 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined...He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages: in the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the poor'


Federal Advisory Panel Calls For Mandatory 'Depression Screening' As Part Of 'Obamacare Checkup'

Task Force says doctors should screen all adults for depression

Primary care doctors should screen all adults for depression, including including older adults, pregnant women and new mothers, an influential expert panel recommended Tuesday. In its previous recommendation [2009], the panel had recommended screening adults for depression only when mental health services were available. The panel said this limitation is no longer needed, because mental health services are more widely available today than in 2009, when its last recommendations were published.

The recommendations come from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent group of experts who advise the federal government on ways to prevent disease or complications from disease...The recommendations are published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and apply to adults 18 years and older. The task force is in the midst of updating its recommendations for depression screening in children and teens.

Doctors can screen for depression by asking patients to fill out short surveys.

Primary care doctors, who treat patients for general needs, are in a good position to screen adults for depression, Snook said. That's because people who suffer from depression may not seek out mental health care.

Depression is widespread. Nearly 7% of American adults, or about 16 million people, had at least one "major depressive episode" last year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness...In an accompanying editorial, psychiatrist Michael Thase wrote that primary care providers should screen people with a history of depression at every visit.

- - - - -
Quotes from two related articles noting the obvious, namely that "depression" is just the entry-point for the znwo totalitarian 'mandatory screenings' population-control agenda:

From Ron Paul op-ed: The United States Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended mandatory depression screening for all Americans. The task force wants to force health insurance companies to pay for the screening...Consider that until 1973 homosexuality was considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. Today, some mental health professionals think that those who believe in limited government, free-market economics, or traditional values suffer from mental disorders. If mandatory depression screening becomes a reality, it is likely this mental health screening will be expanded to cover screening for other mental illnesses. This could result in anyone with an unpopular political belief or lifestyle choice being labeled as “mentally ill.”

From: infowars article "According to statistics compiled by the Kim Foundation 57.7 million Americans (26.2 percent) ages 18 and older or about one in four adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder...But this is only the tip of the iceberg according to the government. A National Institute of Mental Health survey conducted between 2001 and 2003, found that 46 percent of Americans met criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association for having had mental illness. The categories included: anxiety disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), “mood disorders,” “impulse-control disorders,” and a wide range of behavioral problems"
Mandatory so-called mental health screening, as a part of mandatory so-called Obamacare, has been in the works for some time now. This is known. What is also known is the real purpose, as mentioned in the two quotes directly above, and in the posts below. Very simply, and very transparently, it is nothing less than the installation of a 'novus-ordo-seclorum' gatekeeping program. This new 'recommendation' as reported above is a very definite upping of the rhetoric though, and a strong indication that the actual large-scale launch of the agenda is now that much closer. More about the largeness of that scale:

1 In 4 Adults Have "Critical" Mental Issues, Say Rick Warren, Catholics, Psychs At "Historic" Conference 3-28-14

[3-30-14] "Mental health, so called, is a critical component of the ZWO population-control agenda. 'Mandatory screening of the public as a routine part of overall health care is the end goal - adults, children, everybody. The agenda is now being forced in every arena. Forced screening for "mental fitness" creates a gate-keeping mechanism where 'mental-health professionals' would have the ability to identify those who may not 'think' the way the novus-ordo-seclorum-ites would like them to. It is not difficult to see the real intent. Answer all questions correctly and there will be no problem - answering incorrectly might just get you red-flagged. Purpose-driven Warren is on board as a result of the purported suicide of his son, purportedly occurring less than one year ago (4-'13). Immediately after this purported incident, Warren suddenly became a national spokesman and champion of the cause' -- It does not get any more Orwellian. And again, the true intent is pathetically obvious - forcing mental screening and an overall so-called integration program upon all of society, i.e total control of the individual." [see post; also: Warren 4-18-13]

'Mental Health America' Asks Congress For Forced Psychological Screenings; re: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Etc. 1-7-13 "Mental Health America today called on President Obama and Congress to take action in response to the Newtown tragedy by identifying and implementing solutions that expand the capacity and capabilities of the nation's mental health programs and services..." [to] "...Order the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Law: ...Mental health and substance abuse services must be fully integrated with quality medical care...Enacting the Mental Health in Schools Act is a step in the right direction and should be followed by appropriate legislation for intervening with children from zero to five years of age." - They want the children first, and they want them now. Full control from birth. The intent can be nothing less than to program them, to force the new-order servitude belief system into their little heads, and to 'reeducate' the original-thinkers in the group. Doubtless, the agenda is not to be limited to school children, note the second clause above which states that "mental health...services must be fully integrated with quality health care". This can only mean forced "mental health" screenings eventually for all who have been 'mandated' into the so-called Obamacare system - which is everybody. Get them under the bright lights with a shiny object swinging back and forth before their eyes - 'you vill comply with the beast, citizen, and you vill like it...'

see all: NWO forced psych evals

Suppose once this 'screening-system' gets up and running the next thing will be to make it illegal to not go in for a regular 'obamacare checkup'. At any rate, know all about it because your 'Primary Care doc' may be about to be deputized by 'the beast'.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:12 'The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming'


Super Bowls Fixed? 1-Yr Flashback: 2015 SB Foretold Exactly In 'Madden 15' Video Game

Originally posted 2-2-15

Super Bowl 49 Scripted? Madden 15 'Predicts' Game, Final Score A Week Early; Hidden-In-Plain-Sight

Madden 15 perfectly predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl

"Madden 15 posted its Super Bowl prediction last week, and it turned out to be perfect. Forget the Madden Curse, EA Sports not only predicted the game would end in a 28-24 New England Patriots win, but that Julian Edelman would catch the game-winning touchdown."

"The video game didn't predict Jermaine Kearse's incredible catch, Russell Wilson's interception or the fight at the end of the game, but who could have?" [from sbnation.com]

Also: "Last week, Madden franchise publisher Electronic Arts posted a video to YouTube showing a simulation played in its latest release, Madden NFL 15, between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks...The Madden NFL 15 simulator accurately predicted that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl 28-24 and even showed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throwing a game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Julian Edelman. The simulator was off by just 27 for Brady's number of passing yards but was right on with number of touchdown passes he would throw [source]".
With regard to the last statement from the top posted article above noting the improbable ending of the Super Bowl game (for those who saw it), winning quarterback Tom Brady's post-game comment becomes potentially even more curious:

"It wasn't the way we drew it up", said Brady [link].

'It wasn't the way we drew it up?" Apparently not, nevertheless, the Madden 15 'prediction' still came true thanks to the very improbable final play call. Come to think of it, if those two rather strange Patriots drive-ending score-stopping interceptions had not happened, Madden 15 could never have been the exact match that it was.

How does that happen? Chance or 'drawn up'? Chances are slim and none and Slim just left town.

Hidden in plain sight?

It's a make-believe world in this nwo build-up world 2015. Be not 'enchanted'...
 Rev. 18:4
Compare: 2014 Super Bowl Symbology - USA Today: Went "Just The Way They Drew It Up" 2-3-14

"Hidden in plain sight"?
See also: 2014 World Cup Pope-Ritual Final Predetermined? "It Went Entirely To Script" Says German Coach 7-14-14

What do 'they' really think about football/sports fans? See (video): 'Because you're a minion' 7-9-15
1John 5:5 'Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?'


Babylon 2016 Latest: 'Sologamy', UN Sodom-Series Postage Stamps, Doctors Forced To Do 'Transgenders'?

Sologamy Rises as the Latest Marriage Perversion Trend
Timothy George highlights a revived trend in lifestyle choices in First Things, called "sologamy," which began over 20 years ago. George writes: "Sologamy is the marriage of someone to one's own self—the his- or herness of it is not relevant, although it seems to be mostly women who are doing it." Self marriage is not recognized in the U.S. or Europe, but nevertheless, more reports are surfacing of individuals marrying themselves...And CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed a North Dakota woman, Nadine Schweigert, who married herself in front of her roughly 40 close friends. These were her vows: "I, Nadine," she said to herself, "promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self."

New stamps promoting LGBT equality worldwide unveiled at UN un.org
4 February 2016 – The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) today unveiled a set of six commemorative stamps to promote UN Free & Equal – a global UN campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality launched and led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The series is co-sponsored by the permanent missions of Argentina, Australia, Chile, El Salvador, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay, the delegation of the European Union, in addition to OHCHR and UNPA. United Nations stamps in United States denominations are valid for postage only if mailed at UN Headquarters in New York. Stamps in Swiss franc denominations are valid for postage only if mailed at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. Stamps in euro denominations are valid for postage only if mailed at the Vienna International Centre, Austria.

Could it soon be illegal for doctors to believe in male and female?
A current proposal by a federal agency has raised concerns that doctors may be punished for believing that there are only two genders, rooted in biological sex. The proposed rule, issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, says that it is aimed at banning discrimination against transgender individuals under the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act...As a result, doctors and medical institutions could be penalized – or even forced out of business – if they are not willing to perform or facilitate sex reassignment surgeries and other “gender transition” treatments for individuals who identify as transsexual.

1Cor. 6:9-10 'Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.' [cf. Rom. 10:9-10,13]


Secretive TPP 'Total Privatization Plan' Signed, But Wait, There Is Already Another One - The "RCEP"

Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam - The news of the signing of the TPP is surely known by most all by this time. Thousands of articles have already been written and published on the www in the short time since the news came out of New Zealand early 2-4-16. Regardless, a few excerpts from three separate articles are posted here, for one to mark the historical occasion, but more so, to note that the 'TPP' is only part of the grand scheme, albeit one of the largest parts to date. Regardless of the fact the TPP still needs to be ratified by each of the 12 individual nations within the next two years, the would-be global controllers obviously consider this nothing more than a mere formality as they are already moving forward with another massive 'trade agreement', according to Australian Trade Minister Andrew rob Robb, which essentially will take things to an even higher level of 'global connected-ness'. Three articles are quoted from below, revealing some essential things that should be understood about what was just done and where things stand presently:
Andrew Robb signs Trans-Pacific Partnership, sets sights on another huge trade deal

[Australia] (Australian) Trade Minister Andrew Robb has formally signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the biggest trade agreement in 20 years, despite the concerns of some community groups.

He says he is now setting his sights on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership - RCEP - yet another huge trade agreement in the Asia Pacific Region which he hopes will conclude by the end of the year.

The Trade Minister says once the RCEP is signed, it will combine with the TPP to create a vast trade agreement architecture like no other in the world, superseding the "noodle bowl" of bilateral trade agreements in the region and removing billions of dollars worth of red tape.

"The TPP is truly transformative," Mr Robb told Fairfax Media from New Zealand, where 12 delegates attended the signing ceremony.

Mr Robb says now that the TPP has been signed, every country involved in the deal has two years to ratify it.

The TPP is the biggest global trade deal in 20 years, involving 12 countries in the Pacific region, which collectively represent over 40 per cent of world GDP.


2nd article: "The TPP was initiated and pushed by Washington and, after seven years of secretive negotiations, trade ministers of 12 participating countries - Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the US and Vietnam - signed the deal.

The TPP, whose regulations fill 6,000 pages, lay down the groundwork for the creation of a tribunal that answers to no national legislation. Corporations can go to it and challenge national labour and environmental laws and regulations if these cause them to lose money.

“It gives corporations access to mechanisms that overturn national legislation and to tell governments what to do,” says Tim Noonan, a spokesperson for the Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation. “It is a blow for democracy." - source


3rd article: "After years of negotiation, the 12 countries behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership have finally signed off on a trade deal worth almost half the world's GDP.

Dubbed by opponents as "the dirtiest trade deal you've never heard of," the Trans-Pacific Partnership has finally been endorsed Thursday, with trade officials from 12 countries around the Pacific Rim signing off on the complete text of the controversial deal in Auckland, New Zealand.

While the lengthy document details complex trade arrangements covering roughly 40 percent of the world's GDP, the TPP was negotiated behind closed doors, with only the top brass from the 12 signatory states able to pore over the fine print... Once all the original signatories have approved the deal back home, we only need to wait 60 days for the TPP to come into force." - source

re: 'creation of a tribunal that answers to no national legislation'

Ultimately what this all means is very simple. The quoted statement directly above tells you everything you need to know. As reported in numerous sources, this so-called TPP creates an entity that is sovereign unto itself, answering to no national government. For an agreement such as this to work, viewing it from a purely practical standpoint, it can be no other way. Intertwining the economic and monetary systems of multiple nations, which is exactly what the TPP does, must by nature remove the ultimate sovereignty from each participating nation-state. This by design of course. With that done, enter the new order of rule by 'tribunal'.

Bottom line, people, this, very simply, is 'privatization'. Private ownership and control of, well, virtually everything. An intertwined economic system can only mean an eventual intertwining of and control over every aspect of life throughout the whole. That is the reality, and to accomplish that reality is the sole reason for pursuing such things as 'global trade agreements'.

Which is exactly why TPP does not stand for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it stands for the Total Privatization Plan.

Here is the reality of the TPP though, and even the newly revealed 'RCEP' soon to also be forced on the world: none of this is new or a surprise or unknown. It is just different names for the same old plan that has been under development for many long years, i.e. Agenda 21. Agenda 21, or The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century, as many are now well aware, is an absolutely comprehensive plan to micromanage the entire globe, designed to literally take total control over every person, place, and thing on the planet. Agenda 21 so-called is the ultimate 'privatization' scheme.

Privatization of the entire earth is absolutely the one only goal. These big trade deals now manifesting? - they are just one aspect of the outworking of the A21 privatization-scheme.

Agenda 21 is just a cover name for the Earth-Privatization plan though - this is the most important thing that needs to be understood.

The real name for the plan to privatize and control the entire earth and rule as overlords is 'Zionism' - link; link; link; link

Rev. 18:4
Over and above all else, this is Bible prophecy. The governments of the various nations are now being "devoured" by the globalist agenda, the sovereignty of these nations is being being "tread down", and the 'whole' is being broken into "pieces" (regions). This is the exact scenario described in the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel describing the formation of the final kingdom on earth that will give rise to an empire ruled over by ten kings, from which the biblical Antichrist will at a later point then arise; see: '10 kings shall arise' - Dan. 7:24
Daniel 7:23 'Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces'


With Women Cleared For Combat, Army, Marines Now Calling For Women To Register For Draft

Marine Commandant, Army Chief of Staff Agree: Women Should Register for Draft

(CNSNews.com) – During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday on opening all ground combat units to women, the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Chief of Staff for the Army agreed that it is time to require women to register for the Selective Service.

“Senator, it’s my personal view that based on this lifting of restrictions for assignment to unit MOS that every American who’s physically qualified should register for the draft,” Gen. Robert Neller, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, testified during the hearing, which was titled “Implementation of the Decision to Open All Ground Combat Units to Women.”

As CNSNews.com previously reported, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced in December that all U.S. military positions--including combat positions--will be open to women. When asked if that means women must register for Selective Service like men are required to do, Carter said, “It may.”

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) asked the panelists whether or not Congress should look at requiring Selective Service registrations for all Americans.

Undersecretary of the Army Patrick Murphy said that there should be a national debate on the issue, noting that 1,000 women have been killed or injured in combat in the last war. When pressed to give his opinion on including women in a military draft, Murphy said, “Yes.”

“Senator, I think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

I do too. I think it’s the right thing going forward,” McCaskill said.

This post is a follow up on: Day Of Infamy: Pentagon OK's Women In Combat For "Our Mission" - i.e. Give Life Or Limbs For Zionist-World-Order 12-3-15 "Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said Thursday that he is opening all jobs in combat units to women, a landmark decision that ends a three-year period of research with a number of firsts for female service members and bitter debate at times about how women should be integrated...“This means that, as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before.” -- Women sent to the front lines to "contribute"? Yes, they may contribute arms, legs, and their very lives. For what though? For "our mission", says Pentagon chief Ashton B. Carter...which 'mission' very clearly is to "regime-change" and then occupy every so-called "non-integrating nation" on the planet, and then raise their Zionist-antichrist would-be kingdom-come out of the ashes, so that they may then rule as overlords of the entire earth. Quite the 'mission' is it not..." [see post]

If women won't join up for the ZWO 'mission' willingly, as made very clear here, the means to force them to do so is now in the works. Got daughters? - they're coming for 'em.

Limbs and/or life for the global kingdom of antichrist - that is what it comes down to [link]. Be informed.
 Rev. 18:4
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity'

Alert: Windows 10 Now A 'Recommended' Update, May Auto Install - Because Big Brother Wants You On The 'IoT'

Windows 10 is now a 'recommended update' that starts automatically

Microsoft is ramping up its push to get Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10. If you haven't already downloaded Windows 10, your computer may do it for you automatically as soon as this week.

Microsoft has made Windows 10 a "recommended update," for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, the company confirmed today.

"The new experience has begun to roll out in a phased approach to more Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers, although we do not have any information to share at this time with respect to individual regions."

Previously, the newest version of the Windows operating system was an "optional" update. Recommended updates are typically downloaded and installed automatically if automatic updates are enabled. Because such updates are often security patches and fixes, they are enabled by default. Microsoft strongly recommends allowing automatic updates.

In the case of Windows 10, users will be "clearly prompted to choose whether or not to continue," before the process completely changes the operating system of their device, Microsoft assured users in a blog post in October.

Where is the 'no' button? Oh, there isn't one. This is a screenshot of what up to this point has been
the optional upgrade. If you see this, or something like it, W10 is already downloaded on your computer
Windows 10 takes control of the computer away from the user, essentially turning it into a Big Brother home portal. It tracks, listens, records, talks, downloads whatever it decides to automatically, and more; and is fully intended to continue to morph into who knows what in the years to come. No longer a 'product' says MS, it is now a "service". Of course the user does not own a 'service' - a service is something provided to him. The 'service' aka W10 is ultimately designed to plug users into the IoT* - "internet of things". That would be your W10 home portal, smart phone, smart TV, smart home with smart meter and smart refrigerator etc., smart Barbie [link], smart car, smart whatever all wired into one huge control grid with which to Big Brother micromanage the planet. Windows 10 Microsoft's final system designed to make it happen. Which explains why the aggressiveness to force all users to surrender their digital autonomy to the would-be Brave New World managers of the unseen netherworld [Eph. 6:12].

And so here it goes, first phase of the advanced W10 force tactics, removing it from optional so-called upgrade and shifting it to "recommended". More than likely many people will be caught off guard and find themselves installing 'the service' whether they really want to or not. Taking full control of Windows update is now absolutely imperative if you do not want to give control of your machine and ultimately of yourself over to the "IoT". These things were also the topic of this previous post:

Alert: Microsoft Vows To "Do Everything They Possibly Can" To "Push" All Users To Windows 10 'The Service' 1-4-16 "Microsoft vowing to do "everything [they] possibly can to get people to move to Windows 10" is a huge statement. More specifically, vowing the intent to even "push" to get what they want reveals how intentional they plan to be. These statements clearly signal that this now openly stated Microsoft policy cannot be ignored. As pointed out in the above article Windows 7 is to be supported until 2020. Regardless of that, Microsoft also announced two months or so ago that Windows 10 "upgrades" will in this year 2016 be moved for Windows 7 & 8 computers into the optional update category, and then a little later this year into the recommended update category [link]. This is the beginning of the aggressive strategy. At this point, when it goes to 'recommended' status, any W7 or W8 users that have automatic updates turned on will soon have Windows 10 installing itself on their computers. The user will still have to give a final 'ok' reportedly, but it will at that point be already on the machine and ready to go. Perhaps this is what Microsoft views as "a push"...Important to consider also that users who do not have automatic updates turned on will still have to carefully go over each individual update and cancel anything Widows 10 related...Here is the reality for all W7 and W8 users. Taking complete control of the "Windows update" system of your computer/s is from this point forward critical if you do not want to be tricked or forced into being wired into the morphing Big Brother home-portal system aka Windows 10 the "service". Be informed. This is just the start of 'doing everything they possibly can'. What does that say for 2017, 2018, etc.? -- Keeping the talking tracking recording morphing Windows 10 'service' out is going to take some effort obviously. Recommend making that effort." [see post]

*and: Windows 10 Big Brother Takeover Is On: Microsoft Announces New Processors To Only Work With W10 1-16-16 "Microsoft also just announced days ago a Windows 10 "milestone". With the latest "mandatory" update, for the very first time, all devices using Windows 10 are now on the exact same build. Computers to mobile to xbox, and even the IoT (internet of things). This is being touted as "a triumph for convergence" [link]. No doubt that is true. The goal is digital control of the entire globe and morphing W10 to connect everything is the plan. Phasing out everything else is the method, and as is now evident, pushing and shoving is the strategy of the method..."

see all: Windows
Rev. 18:4


NWO NOW: WHO Declares Mini-Isis i.e. 'Zika' Psyop A "Global Emergency" - Takes Global Authority 2-1-16

Follow up on: Mini-ISIS: 'Zika' Terrorist-Mosquitoes Threaten World Says WHO - Emergency Meeting Monday 2-1-16; Agenda 21 1-28-16 "All new for 2016: Overnight, out of nowhere, like always, not crazed middle eastern 'terrorists' this time, but apparently their counterparts from the insect world, so-called "Zika" terrorist-mosquitoes threatening the security of the whole wide world -- Coordinated global response needed, perhaps travel controls, wealthy countries providing "health workers and supplies"...which is another way of saying forcing their way in and setting up shop so they can, and this is what it seems to be really coming down to, Agenda21 globalize* the so-called third-world areas of Mexico and Central and South America. At least these areas appear to be the direct focus of 'Operation Zika'. Brazil especially what with the Rio Olympics scheduled to begin in 6-7 months. Brazil has already seen a concentrated military inundation of the countryside for 'Zika management'. 2016 Terrorist mosquitoes in Latin America - same script as 2014 Ebola essentially. No real difference - just a slightly different foe for a different '3rd-world' global region to "coordinate". Since the script is the same, the ordo-ab-chao response can only be the same too...Global micromanagement is the only goal and this brand new 'micro-terrorist' psy-op is just beginning' [see post]
Two articles on the Big Development - WHO declares Global mini-isis mosquito emergency: WHO "decisions" given 'force of international law', British women warned not to 'try for a baby', "El nino" making more mini-isis mosquitoes say 'experts', Brazil goes full police state, borderline martial law; global control the answer says znwo:

Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, W.H.O. Says

The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus and its suspected link to birth defects an international public health emergency on Monday, a rare move that signals the seriousness of the outbreak and gives countries powerful new tools to fight it.

The official “emergency” designation can trigger action and funding from governments and non-profits around the world. It elevates the W.H.O. to the position of global coordinator, and gives its decisions the force of international law. The agency is trying to cast itself as a global leader to revive its reputation after a faltering response during the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

The current outbreak of Zika has taken the world by surprise.

The W.H.O. has declared a public health emergency three times since 2007, when it first established the procedure — for the influenza panademic in 2009; in 2014 when polio seemed resurgent; and in August 2014 for Ebola.

And this article: Zika outbreak is now a global emergency, says World Health Organisation - live

[excerpts] British women who were pregnant when travelling in Zika-infected countries, or conceived within a fortnight of their return will be given immediate ultrasounds to check that their baby is growing correctly...British couples have already been warned to put off trying for a baby for up to six months of either partner suffered an unexplained fever or rash after travelling to one of 23 countries where Zika is present.
Brazil's president has signed a measure allowing health officials access to any building to eradicate breeding grounds for a mosquito spreading the Zika virus.

The measure signed by President Dilma Rousseff was published earlier on Monday. It allows health officials access to all homes, public and private buildings- even if the property's owner cannot be located...Officials can also request backup from police to raid any building suspected of being a mosquito breeding ground.

Brazil has sent about 220,000 troops to battle the Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.
Dr Thomas Frieden of the CDC said the declaration "calls the world to action" on Zika.
Experts have warned that warmer weather associated with this year’s El Niño will drive up mosquito populations, which could further increase the spread of Zika virus, Donna Bowater reports from Rio... “This year’s El Niño could mean that Zika temporarily spreads more to the north and is transmitted earlier and for longer than half a year, so we need to prepare a response to this threat.”
*"Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: Research efforts should focus immediately...the world will be much better placed to develop preventative strategies and control measures...There is a long road ahead. As with Ebola, Zika has once again exposed the world’s vulnerability to emerging infectious diseases and the devastation they can unleash. Alongside the emergency response that Zika necessitates, we must put in place the permanent reforms, health systems strengthening and proactive research agenda that are needed to make the global health system more resilient to the threat of future pandemics."
It is only the fourth time that the UN health body has used its powers to enact at Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) which sounds a worldwide alarm to member states who are now expected to send aid and expertise to struggling countries.

The state of emergency could also lead to trade and travel routes being shut while speeding up research into possible treatments and vaccines.

WHO officials said Zika had moved "from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions".

re: long road ahead...we must put in place...control measures'

Mystery mosquito-disease comes out of nowhere and threatens the world. No it is not the plot of a low budget sci-fi movie from the 1950's, it is the low budget plot of the ZNWO Bureau of Propaganda Agenda 21 global-micromanagement implementation strategy. The reality of the imaginary-ness of the whole thing is as simple as it is transparent.

The exact purpose of the whole 'Operation Zika' production can in fact be very clearly discerned upon consideration of a few excerpts from the statement of one Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, presumably qualifying as a recognized 'expert' on the issue. Regardless to what extent that may or may not be true though, that the objectives delineated in his statement reveal the very real 'mission statement' of 'Operation Zika' are pathetically obvious. Namely, as quoted (4th paragraph above, marked with asterisk):
"preventative strategies and control measures...we must put in place...permanent reforms...proactive...agenda...global health system"

With absolutely no question about it whatsoever, these are new-world-order so-called global control objectives. Every aspect of it, plain as can be. Problem is that these global-control objectives can never be achieved when there is no 'problem' with the existing situation. When everything is running along smoothly as it always has, there is nothing to 'fix'. Only when something 'breaks' does the repairman get called.

And just like that, somehow, mysteriously, right out of the old blue, something just 'got broke'.

Yes, that's the official story alright. Something broke, now it needs to be fixed.

Yes babies heads are shrunk, and mosquitoes did it, and so were coming in, we got this. And we're calling it "Zika", and it's gonna be a long road cause we got big plans for control measures and permanent reforms and stuff like that

...is the bottom line of what clearly is now just the beginning of an unrelenting barrage of this 'micro-terrorist' mosquito-themed global-control-taking psyop.

It's going to be a "long road" too, say they. Doubtless that is true.

Ready set there they already went - be aware all the way down the road.  Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 9:3 'And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the LORD. '


Mini-ISIS: 'Zika' Terrorist-Mosquitoes Threaten World Says WHO - Emergency Meeting Monday 2-1-16; Agenda 21

Follow up, related to: NWO Taking "Ebola" To Next Level Already: W.H.O. May Declare "International Health Emergency" 8-6-14 "The health organization said an emergency committee of international experts was evaluating whether the Ebola outbreak constituted a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” -- "...the official spin on "Ebola '2014" at this point....Could not be much more dramatic. Amazing thing about it is that 'Ebola '14' seems to be virtually the same script that the NWO Bureau of Propaganda (BoP) used just over five years ago to run the 'Swine '09' "global pandemic", essentially only the "names and places" being changed...[and] odds are that before this one is over John Q. Public worldwide is going to be subjected to an endless barrage of ridiculously twisting ordo ab chao story lines...According to this 'official' storyline...the mystery 'ebola' that just happened to suddenly appear out of nowhere...lead to...travel restrictions? [see post]
WHO: Zika virus ‘spreading explosively,’ ‘level of alarm extremely high’

The World Health Organization announced Thursday that it will convene an emergency meeting to try to find ways to stop the transmission of the Zika virus — which officials said is "spreading explosively" across the Americas...The WHO said the pathogen, which was virtually unheard of in the region a year ago, is spreading so fast it could infect as many as 3 to 4 million people within 12 months.

In a separate briefing with reporters, U.S. officials said all states here are now required to report Zika cases. As a result, they said they expect to see a sharp increase in reports of travel-related cases. But they reiterated that the United States is unlikely to have the kind of widespread local outbreaks that are taking place in other parts of the Americas...At this point, here in the United States, the risk of disease spread by mosquitos are quite low," he said. "The temperatures in North America right now are inhospitable to the mosquito population. Eventually that will change and we have to be mindful any possible risk here in the United States.”

The WHO said the reason Zika appears to be spreading so rapidly is two-fold: One, because it is a new disease to the region, the population does not have immunity, and two, the Zika virus is primarily transmitted by a mosquito species known as A. aegypti, which lives in every country in North and South America except Canada and Chile.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Thursday that investigators may be able to start a clinical trial for a vaccine as early as this year.

The WHO's Chan urged “every community, every family and individual” to do their part by, for example, taking care not to leave stagnant collections of water on their properties. She emphasized that every person in the world could be vulnerable to the virus.

The WHO special session on Zika is scheduled to take place on Monday and delegates will discuss whether to declare it global public health emergency -- a designation that could help mobilize a more coordinated response.

The declaration typically comes with a list of global recommendations to nations regarding everything from international travel and trade to scientific targets for diagnosis and treatment of a disease and has been considered critical to convincing convincing wealthier countries to send more health workers and supplies to to fight the outbreaks.

re: 'Chan: every person in the world could be vulnerable to the virus..wealthier countries...send health workers'

All new for 2016: Overnight, out of nowhere, like always, not crazed middle eastern 'terrorists' this time, but apparently their counterparts from the insect world, so-called "Zika" terrorist-mosquitoes threatening the security of the whole wide world. This of course demands an international response and will in fact receive one this coming Monday 2-1-16 as the World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting to decide what to do oh what to do.

"Zika"? - even the name is not believable.

At any rate, the game is on. WHO chief Chan says every person on the earth is under threat. Coordinated global response needed, perhaps travel controls, wealthy countries providing "health workers and supplies"...which is another way of saying forcing their way in and setting up shop so they can, and this is what it seems to be really coming down to, Agenda21 globalize the so-called third-world areas of Mexico and Central and South America. At least these areas appear to be the direct focus of 'Operation Zika'. Brazil especially what with the Rio Olympics scheduled to begin in 6-7 months. Brazil has already seen a concentrated military inundation of the countryside for 'Zika management'.

Note also that 'Operation Zika' is coming with a built-in population control mechanism, another top global-kingdom priority, pushing women in these countries to 'avoid pregnancy' because of the alleged new risk of Zika shrunken-head-baby birth defects. Look look, just look at the picture...see the baby - it's Zika.

2016 Terrorist mosquitoes in Latin America - same script as 2014 Ebola essentially. No real difference - just a slightly different foe for a different '3rd-world' global region to "coordinate". Since the script is the same, the ordo-ab-chao response can only be the same too. That being the case, no need to redo or add anything at this point really, so the below are reposted. Swine, Ebola, Zika mosquitoes, fill in the blank - the antichrist global kingdom won't build itself:

7-31-14 "Ebola" An NWO Scam To Build Africom? Agenda 21 "Regional Coordination", Police State Response Announced "Two months or-so ago, appearing out of absolutely nowhere, a claimed 'terrorist group' called "Boko Haram" was used to create international and regional coordination in Africa [see link below]. Now, once again coming out of absolutely nowhere, "unprecedented Ebola" is doing the same. Regional coordination, new powers for government, police-military power grabs literally granting totalitarian authority, including searching houses and forcing quarantine, increased airport control measures, etc...All because of "ebola", seemingly a very effective 'lever', the 'globalists' have taken control of another multi-nation 'zone' of Africa, and, facts are facts, everything being done matches perfectly the Zionist-Agenda 21 goal of regional global-government of all Africa. Important to note though, that while it is Africa in this instance, the plan is the same for all the world. Facts are facts.

9-6-14 No Stops To The Psyops (ISIS Ebola): U.S. Announces AFRICOM 'Ebola' Plan To Be A 'Dramatic (nwo) Expansion' "Ebola ISIS ebola ISIS ebola ISIS etc. etc. etc.. No-stops to the psy-ops. Ever. Ebola for Africa integration, ISIS so-called for Middle East takeover. These are go-for-broke tactics at this point. Africa and the Middle East - these are also virtually the last two remaining geographic regions of the earth that are not quite yet under full control of the would-be ZWO masters of humanity. Not the governments mind you, these have been long infiltrated and are all going along with the program, but out in the countryside, in the towns and villages, so to speak, where the people are still set in the old ways, here is where things must be turned absolutely upside down so as to implement the necessary "paradigm shift" to the new ways of the planned dictatorial global community. In the Middle East this will require force as the ancient factions would never surrender their old-worldviews, going all the way back to biblical days, to Zionist domination willingly. The Middle East 'go-for-broke' is now getting the green light for the go-ahead, under the out-of-the-blue 'ISIS threat to the entire world' [link] and the entire world must cooperate to counter them, pretext...In Africa it is more so the logistics of a vast continent still locked in the ways of the old world also, most of it being still a third-world, so-to-speak, environment.... To incorporate the entire continent into the ZWO global-corporate system by 'natural' means would take forever... Out-of-the-blue "Ebola" - whether real 'germs' somehow spreading, or a media-created illusion, is clearly advancing the 'program', allowing the linking of many of the different 'parts' under this 'new global management'. No 'ebola' - no linking, that's how that works. [see post]

See also: "Ebola 2014" A Re-Hash Of "Swine '09" Script? 5-Yr Flashback 8-9-14 "Swine '09 began in March-April '09 and ran strong for a good eight months. Along the way were endless plot twists [link], effectively functioning to involve almost the entire world in the 'exercise', described below as a global fire drill...After it had made the rounds, so to speak, successfully interconnecting all sorts of national agencies of the various nations with global-government entities, being the direct cause for a slew of new 'crisis-management' type laws having been put in place in all those countries, and mass vaccination programs carried out worldwide, all as planned, the whole thing just sort of quietly went away. Just like that, it was over. Swine...what swine [link]" [see post]
One note: While the main focus appears to be Mexico down through South America at this early stage, there is no certainty that 'Operation Zika' will not be expanded at some point in the future. Global micromanagement is the only goal and this brand new 'micro-terrorist' psy-op is just beginning. Be aware.

Rev. 18:4
2-1-16 updateNWO NOW: WHO Declares Mini-Isis i.e. 'Zika' Psyop A "Global Emergency" - Takes Global Authority
Psalms 92:7 'When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever'


Dutch Take GWOT Script To Next Level: Machine-Gunned Police To Now Patrol Streets, Malls, Rail Stations

Dutch police to patrol public spaces with submachine guns

Heavily armed police will soon be able to patrol Dutch shopping centres, railway stations and other busy public places, the AD says on Tuesday.

In total, 150 police officers are being trained in the use of submachine guns, on top of the 300 firearms experts who already form a specialist unit within the national police force.

According to the AD, the heavily armed officers will be able to patrol on the street – a first in Dutch police history. The extra patrols will only happen if there is a heightened alert and if permission has been given in advance, the police said in a statement.

‘Police have taken this decision to train up more specialists and widen the conditions under which they can be used partly in the wake of the terrorist attacks using automatic weapons in Paris,’ a spokesman told the paper.

‘People may be shocked when they see them, but we live in different times,’ the spokesman said. ‘The aim is to make this country safer for everyone.’

re: 'on the street - first in Dutch police history...terrorists...Paris'

Heavily armed officers patrolling the streets - first in Dutch history - because of Paris, is the official explanation.

Which is exactly what France said eight months ago:

France Announces Patrolling Military Now Permanent - Because Of 'Paris Attack' -- Same Script In USA? 4-30-15 "Be informed - the goal is global, nothing less. It is also 'endtimes' bible prophecy - essentially the first stage, namely the Daniel 7 fourth beast on his way to devouring the whole earth [link].

The French and Dutch both installing permanent military-like police presence in public areas i.e. so called "soft-targets" because of "Paris". This is huge. It signifies a fundamentally transformed world is now accomplished.

And this huge global-takeover step brought about as a result 'of Paris' - the scene of a double production of GWOT theatre in 2015, the first of which was a 3-day spectacle beginning 1-7-15 running to 1-9-15, which, very clearly, was entirely based on a 'clear miss'*:

*Paris 'Terrorist-Shoots-Cop' Video: A Hit Or Miss? Clearly Something Is 'A Miss' 1-10-15

Then only ten months later came the sequel, apparently as a double-down tactic - the Friday the 13th of November Paris-production that very coincidentally just so happened to be concurrent with a mass-terror-drill:

Multi-Site 'Terror Drills' Same Day As Friday The 13th Paris Ordo Ab Chao - i.e. Controlled Environment 11-16-15 " "Another episode of 'chaos' occurs during another drill? How can it possibly be coincidental that so many of these events happen during or in close proximity to drills. Sandy Hook reportedly had a drill in the area happening at the same time. Boston happened during an on-site "drill". LAX was an exact duplication of a recent drill that "played out" that day [link]. The 'Elliot Rodger' Santa Barbara scene [link] had a drill scheduled for the next day. The recent Ottawa episode reportedly took place during a drill also, and on it goes. This drill-goes-live scenario repeats too many times to be mere coincidence [link]. That so many of these supposedly random events could happen during police-state-drills is beyond the realm of probability. Simple logic forbids drawing any other conclusion...Why during drills? The answer is very simple actually. If a drill is being run, obviously the entire area is going to be tightly controlled, and the chance of anybody being inside that controlled area that does not belong is going to be virtually zero. This would have to include every single person within the designated perimeter, as well any medical personnel or medical facilities that would be involved. Obviously having a controlled environment like this would be imperative if a staged event were to be conducted. Everybody there belongs there, there could be no witnesses to contradict anything. This would not be the case otherwise. [see post]

GWOT hoax to establish military rule of the planet. Making big moves now...country size in fact. And as transparent as can be. Be aware.
Side note: There is a reason the "G" in GWOT stands for 'global'. No election or 'new president', in any country, will alter the 'global script'. All are role players, all is theatre, all part of the circus. One juggles, one tightrope walks, one stands on a horse and rides around the ring, but they all are part of the same show. 9/11 brought the GWOT hoax front and center before the whole world, it is now at the point where entire countries are being transitioned into machine-gunned police states. Regardless of who in any country becomes the official 'Spokeperson', Trump-card to Clinton2 to whoever in this USA, it matters not. As this article clearly reveals, the 'bigger picture, according always to the script, will continue to transpire. Recommend skip the circus altogether.

Rev. 18:4
The Word God contains something like a script too, and reveals this about those who would scheme to usurp His rightful authority with their 'script':  'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them' - 1Thes. 5:3


"Lucifer" TV Series To Begin Jan. 25 As Satan-Serving Zio-Hollywood Casts Aside All Pretense

Reposted, because...this new low of darkness starts tomorrow. Straight outta Babylon. Do you know what your kids are watching?

...and 'Lucifer' not the "morning star"...
Hollywood devil-worship right out in the open now: 'Lucifer' the TV series portraying the god of Zio-Hollywood himself "Lucifer" playing the role of antichrist gone 'sorta' good, cop-helping rogue-crimefighter-superhero. First announced last year May 2015 coming to a TV near you here now beginning January 25, 2016 compliments of the ptb Lucifer-gofer's who do his bidding [2Cor. 4:4].

Below is the original post from May 2015. Other than keying in on a few important points, it is the need-to-know basic information on this latest and greatest-to-date severely twisted demented production of the Satan-servers who own and operate so-called 'Hollywood'. Not hiding anything anymore obviously. Out open and proud, willfully attempting to corrupt all with their own personal love of the "father-of-lies" - John 8:44. By way of update though this interesting little quote from Wikipedia, revealing the true animosity of those who love darkness rather than light [John 3:19]

From Wikipedia: "Lucifer is an upcoming American television series created by Tom Kapinos that is scheduled to premiere on Fox on January 25, 2016

On May 28, 2015, AFA website One Million Moms launched a petition to prevent the show's airing.[31] The petition says the new series "will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh."[32] One Million Moms posted the petition on aforementioned date and thus far, 27,085[33] "concerned mothers" have asked Fox to cancel the program by signing the petition. The petition on the AFA website, which was also posted on the same date, has garnered the support of over 132,172[34] "concerned viewers."[35] The Petition has since been removed from the One Million Moms' website without listing it as a successful campaign.

Against the petition submitted by the right-wing Christian group, the character's co-creator, Neil Gaiman [pun intended?*], reacted on his Tumblr page saying: "Ah. It seems like only yesterday (but it was 1991) that the “Concerned Mothers of America” announced that they were boycotting SANDMAN because it contained *Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans characters. It was Wanda that upset them most: the idea of a Trans Woman in a comic book… They told us they were organizing a boycott of SANDMAN, which they would only stop if we wrote to the American Family Association and promised to reform. I wonder if they noticed it didn’t work last time, either"

Be informed.  Rev. 18:4

Reposted from 5-11-15

FOX Picks Up DC-Based Lucifer to Series

“Lucifer” stars Tom Ellis (Rush) in the title role as Lucifer, who, bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the gorgeous, shimmering insanity of Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals. Co-starring alongside Ellis are Lauren German (“Chicago Fire”) as Chloe Dancer, an LAPD homicide detective who finds herself both repulsed and fascinated by Lucifer; Lesley-Ann Brandt (“Spartacus”) as Lucifer’s best friend Maze, a fierce demon who takes the form of a human woman; Nicholas Gonzalez (“Sleepy Hollow”) as Dan, an LAPD homicide detective wary of Lucifer; D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel, an angel sent to L.A. to persuade Lucifer to return to hell; and Rachael Harris as Linda, Lucifer’s therapist.

From Wiki: Lucifer is an upcoming American television series that is set to air on Fox,[1] and it is a loose adaptation of the comic book character created by Neil Gaiman for the comic book series The Sandman and its spin off comic book series Lucifer written by Mike Carey, both published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The series was officially picked up on May 9, 2015 for the 2015-2016 season and it is scheduled to premiere in 2016.[2]

[Video disclaimer: Very dark, openly Satanic, flagrantly delusive to the point of disturbing - compliments of Talmudic Ziowood - and coming soon - designed to seriously delude your friends and family and you]

Cast and characters:

  • Tom Ellis[4] as Lucifer Morningstar: The Lord of Hell who is bored of his life, abdicates and becomes consultant at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze: Lover, confidante and a devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar. She is the war leader of the Lilin, a race descended from Lilith.[5]
  • Lauren German[7] as Chloe Dance: A homicide detective who aids Lucifer as he helps the LAPD solve crimes. The character description describes her as someone who is “repulsed and fascinated” by Lucifer as they work together to solve a murder.[8]
  • Nicholas Gonzalez[9] as Dan: A LAPD homicide detective who is not a fan of Lucifer mainly because of the hellraiser’s connection to his wife and daughter.
  • Rachael Harris[10] as Linda: Lucifer's therapist
  • D. B. Woodside[10] as Amenadiel: An angel that heads to Los Angeles planning to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell
re: "Morningstar"

First things first, all other considerations aside for the moment, about the name assigned to devil-worshiping Zio-Hollywood's Antichrist-gone-good superhero crimefighter "Lucifer Morningstar". Very important to understand this about that name/title. The title "morning star" does not belong to Lucifer but to the Lord Jesus Christ [Rev. 22:16]. Lucifer's correct title is "son of the morning", as found in Isaiah 14:12, a passage that reveals his fall and ultimate demise. There is a huge difference. Referring to Lucifer as "morning star" is an usurpation, purposely and nefariously done by the way, as proven by the fact that the source of Lucifer's title-robbery is none other than the rewritten thoroughly corrupted Westcott-Hort pseudo-bibles, in particular the infamous NIV (Non-Inspired-Version) where Isaiah 14:12 "O Lucifer, son of the morning" is falsely translated by removing entirely the one only reference in all the Bible to the name "Lucifer", exchanging it for "Morningstar". Likewise the NASB (Not-A-Solid-Bible), also striking the name Lucifer from the text, making it to read "O star of the morning". No star for Lucifer in Isaiah 14. Virtually every other WH counterfeit-bible follows suit, using similar usurping names in Isaiah 14:12 like for example the favorite warmed-over Westcott-Hort 'version' of many today, the ESV (just another 'Error-Saturated-Version') which translates Lucifer's name and correct Isaiah 14:12 "son of the morning" title to "O Day Star, son of Dawn!"...which is another blatant usurpation of terms that rightly have reference only to the Saviour Christ Jesus - 2Peter 1:19.

And so, with a stolen identity, here now comes Zio-Hollywood's presentation of Antichrist comes to earth as Lucifer not-so-bad kinda good (note character 'Chole Dance' whose part has her both "repulsed and fascinated") just give him a chance crimefighter with best-friend/lover fierce-demon 'Maze' who assumes human form...the Clark Kent and Lois Lane of the underworld apparently.

Hard to imagine it getting any more pathetic than this. Or a more blatant attempt to 'reinvent' arch-counterfeit Lucifer/Satan/Antichrist for mass acceptance ala 666 style - he's your friend...really. As noted above, the series does not begin until 2016, but be aware now because this devilish-marketing campaign has already begun.
 Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 14:12-15 'How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground...For thou hast said in thine heart...I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit'


Rev. 18:4 'And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues'